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How has EVERYONE overlooked this??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Thanks dbrand for making our CES 2019 content possible. Check out the Grip and Prism at

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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 hours ago
U guys should know that, our eyes see more than 360hz

1 day ago
I have a rog strix, dont know which one

2 days ago
I keep looking at the webcam placed at the bottom instead of above the display and twitching.

2 days ago
How much

2 days ago
Though, I got more interested in the phone case ultimately...

3 days ago
My boyfriend just said “Is that Oprah talking about laptops?”

4 days ago
Who in their right mind will drop 3K- 6K on a new gaming laptop in 2019 without HDMI 2.1? Those new LG C9 and E9 TVs are so awesome with [email protected] Hz. It is such a shame not being able to connect new laptops to one of those TVs and game through HDMI 2.1 at [email protected] FPS

4 days ago
Webcam placement is a show stopper for me. Shame,

5 days ago
A giveaway maybe, of this laptop NOT for NA only? Who with me?

5 days ago
the click bait it real

6 days ago
What is this phone with the stylus linus has?

7 days ago
Is it good

1 week ago
What's an XO panel?

1 week ago
First advert in the end which I actually watched with being interested. Really cool protector :o

1 week ago
Haha a notebook with a fapping light :D

1 week ago
I hope the webcam will be on the top of the display rather than on the bottom on the final units. Because otherwise...

1 week ago
He sounds like Jesse from Fast & Furious

1 week ago
I disagree with the sentiment around resolution as a general statement, but I totally get that it makes sense in the context of gaming.

1 week ago
NO thunderbolt ?

1 week ago
And here i'm sitting, contempt with my 60hz 1080p dual monitors.

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