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Microsoft is SO CLOSE
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Microsoft has created almost the prefect thin and light laptop with the Surface Laptop 2, but then they stumbled at the last hurdle.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 days ago
haha all out !!! hahhaha

5 days ago
MS need to put a thurderbolt 3 port and a full size SD card slot in it and they will be Gold!

2 weeks ago
Here your daily dose of cringe 4:10 you're welcome.

2 weeks ago
he finally likes something !

2 weeks ago
touchpad size is perfect. should not be increased. there must be space between spacebar and the top edge of touchpad to rest some fingers while moving index finger on touch bar. Moreover, if touch pad is so large, it cause interference while typing as palms frequently touch touchbar. I don't want microsoft to made same mistake as apple did with latest macbook by increase touch bar size. - macbook 2013 user.

2 weeks ago
keyboard made by alcatras

2 weeks ago
Yeah they need that usb c. My old Lenovo has usb c and its 5 year old Yoga has usb-c. Damn it way to put us on the halt.

3 weeks ago
My mom does two spaces after a period too.

3 weeks ago
The keyboard is great, but its still a far strech from the thinkpad ones :)

3 weeks ago
The best Windows laptop is the 2018 MB Air running Windows via bootcamp.

3 weeks ago
...So, the next test is to try an IBM or Dell Scissor keyboard from 10 years ago and see if you can go back to a modern laptop...

3 weeks ago
Double space after a period is MLA format.... Or so I was taught

3 weeks ago
3:00 never open a laptop holding only to the corner, it can easily snap the screen.

4 weeks ago
Does someone know that wallpaper?

4 weeks ago
Have you tried a Thinkpad? Their keyboards are legendary. Please review the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme.

4 weeks ago

Never knew that pcs were run by horses...

1 month ago
They scuffed file explorer dark mode.... HOW

1 month ago
Get rid of the fabric and add 3 USB thunder ports and it would be perfect

1 month ago
Riley XD

1 month ago
I might be living in 2009 or sth cause I have never used a type c or a thunderbolt and I don't even have any idea what is their use is....

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