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Microsoft is SO CLOSE
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Microsoft has created almost the prefect thin and light laptop with the Surface Laptop 2, but then they stumbled at the last hurdle.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 hours ago
Can we appreciate how perfect, Linus threw and landed his wallet on the laptop?

12 hours ago
Great review. I’m liking the additional humour. Keep up the great work guys.

15 hours ago
How about the 3:2 screen that nobody notices.

1 day ago
Two spaces after periods enhances readability. I liked Alex before, but I like him more now.

1 day ago
+1 team 'double space' and Oxford comma

1 day ago
Linus I love your videos, I am thinking of buying surface laptop 2, you think 128GB will be good , doesn't windows installed cover 70gb memory of 128gb ?

1 day ago
There is cyriak at 3:39

2 days ago
The port selection on this is a joke

3 days ago
Hechas en las antiguas fabricas de NOKiA, con el antiguo personal de nokia ¿entonces es nokia?

3 days ago
Two spaces after a period is touchtyping practice. I'm a typist and its the taught method :)

4 days ago
I'm getting one, I think Its great for what I want to do

4 days ago
Its not in the video but... the new notebook 9 pro by Samsung its pretty great. Nice battery, nice display, great trackpad, fingerprint scanner and nice price too.

5 days ago
I mean this is my main complaint about the Surface Pro as well. One USB + micro SD card is annoying enough. It still has a display port. Get rid of that and let us have a USB-C port or something.

Also, the lack of user hardware upgradability.

5 days ago
Que Director Krenick meme

5 days ago
18:9 aspect ratio? don't you mean 2:1

5 days ago
Love the informative vids

5 days ago
And there’s Apple, advertising it’s “Butterfly Keyboard”

5 days ago
Can you install Linux on it ? :D

6 days ago
I have been using this laptop since it came out and its outstanding for excel, word, and web browsing BUT it doesn't runs youtube videos at more than 1080p and Fortnite runs at 2-15fps because of thermal CPU throttling even with the dedicated graphics and an i7. Don't even think to render any type of video on this thing as it is more of a netbook than a laptop.

6 days ago
fucc microsoft throw that shit away its for dumb fucks who throw away their money

seriously fucc apple and fucc microsoft, fucc xbox , fucc everything american

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