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Microsoft is SO CLOSE
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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Microsoft has created almost the prefect thin and light laptop with the Surface Laptop 2, but then they stumbled at the last hurdle.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

20 hours ago

20 hours ago
Hey @linus tech tips, I just wanted to say, I noticed a contradiction in this video and another one about whether or not one should get the surface 2 entry level.

3 days ago
4:11 Crab song intensifies

3 days ago
There is a very good reason why Microsoft did put a mini display port instead of usb c. I'm a college student using yoga 910 which only has usb c. My classrooms all have mini display cable and or hdmi. Microsoft knew that most colleges will not have a usb c adapter. And since this laptop is geared toward college studnets it makes sense.

6 days ago
As a med student, i wanna have a good device and i'm a paperless one, so should i get the surface pro 6? And where do i find the 1TB with 16GB RAM, the price isn't a problem. People talk a lot about the new ipad pro about the features and apple pen, but i not into apple products, i just need a good advice on it and thinking to get surface pro 6! What y'all think?

6 days ago
I have the surface and I love it.

1 week ago
Ditch the mini display port, add usb C, and put in an MX150 and this laptop would be perfect

1 week ago
in about 30days Sweden will get their share of Ms Surface Laptop 2 machines but I could not wait that long and got the 8GB/128GB version. And it is a pleasure to use, but the monitor even if it looks great and all is just a bit to slow, especially when you are using your fingers to scroll. The ghosting is extreme, really bothering me and I honestly get a bit queasy when I notice the ghosting. I guess this issue is not fixed on the second gen?

2 weeks ago
4:15 ITS REILEY! Key's brother. Lol jk i know its not Keys brother.

2 weeks ago
I keep seeing reviewers complain about lack of USB-C ports but my friends and I have yet to own a single device that's USB-C. I'd say the Switch but, that's not a USB-C standard since it's a different voltage.

What device uses USB-C? I'm so confused with this. I got controllers, headsets, mice, they're all micro/mini USB.

2 weeks ago
Who you uses thunderbolt?

2 weeks ago
but does Ting go skrra?

2 weeks ago
Regarding Alex's periods, i'd guess he gets tetchy when its his time of the month so hammers that space bar too much?

2 weeks ago
The laptop, in other words, is perfect for people who don't need anything to do with Thunderbolt. There's no reason for me not to enjoy this machine. Still, if my situation changes I'll probably be a bit bummed, and then proceed to get some sort of adapter.
Because Dell charges $500 extra for the same performance and touchscreen that this came with for AU$2080.

3 weeks ago
Is it only for my surface laptop 2 that it always heats up at the ventilation holes when it is plugged in at better performance and suggested brightness just from watching this video. My model is the core i5 256 gigabyte model

3 weeks ago
I would install linux on it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

3 weeks ago
It looked good on the surface but i don't think it so good after watching this video...

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago
Micro soft hard on! I'm not proud of myself for laughing.

4 weeks ago
How long will this laptop last? I’m a highschool student and willing to invest in long term longevity.

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