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Facebook NEVER learns - WAN Show April 12, 2019
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 days ago


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Timestamps (Courtesy of pol bol)

0:00 - WAN show is on time
0:28 - INTRO
1:18 - Valve addressing review bombing
15:49 - Strawpoll do you read reviews
18:30 - Strawpoll results
18:33 - Audio breaks
20:07 - Audio fixed
20:56 - Facebook photos patent

26:57 - Sponsor: Squarespace
28:06 - Sponsor: Displate
29:40 - Sponsor: Private Internet Access

31:12 - Amazon workers listening to what you tell Alexa
43:18 - Super chats
46:38 - Walmart deploying more robots
49:24 - Why we need store employees
49:57 - What is a nubbit?
53:10 - James wants robots instead of people
56:38 - OUTRO (welcome to the Nubbit show)
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
not good enough guys

5 hours ago
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck my ears

8 hours ago
I do read on steam

12 hours ago
What Luke is saying in regards to Kerbal Space Program is still a valid point since as a player you automatically have to agree to it before playing or the company automatically assumes you agree once you hit play... therefore it is part of the game and a prominent reason not to buy said game if the EULA includes something that tracks the users data or spies etc. As a consumer I'd want to know about that.

My question is, would Steam also crack down on user forum posts about the same topic that they deem to be "off-topic"... I think it's very scary to start auto removing reviews from the overall score with an automated system.

17 hours ago
Also, review-bombing is a justifiable weapon against greedy, SJW-agenda spewing game publishers and studios. EA, for example, deserve all the acidic vitriol that comes their way. In fact, when will EA just die? No one wants 'diversity' and SJW-political nonsense in our gaming culture.

Feminists can go to hell.

Poisonous kisses, from one camp gamer 💋💋💄

17 hours ago
I wonder what Linus thinks about political correctness and censorship of conservative opinions on media platforms. He strikes me as a classic liberal-type that would swing to conservatism because of crap like Article 13, privacy, etc.

17 hours ago
So... Is Facebook really out of touch or do people just think Facebook is something that it’s really not and never was? I mean, they make their money by literally selling YOU.

It’s written right into their terms of service: Section 3, subsection 3 is pretty clear about how this is what they do.

They also sell:
Your friends
Your family
Their friends
Their friends’ friends

Anything their marketing or spokespeople might say to the converse could not possibly be true or they’d go bankrupt pretty quickly.

EDIT: It’s actually worse than that. Just by having a Facebook account they can get information about people you know even if they don’t have or want anything to do with Facebook, especially if you’re under 18.

Plus, if you’ve ever uploaded a photo that has someone who isn’t on Facebook, you’re screwing them over without their consent.

19 hours ago
The reason Valve is interested in review bombing is because it happened to them. TF2 and Dota2 got review bombed to hell when they announced a new game and built it up, then at the conference it was just a small card game. People were pissed that it wasn't HL3 and took it out on reviews in Valve games! First Valve froze those games' scores, then they changed the system to fix those scores, now they are changing the system again. What they should do instead of this is add reviews for the game dev companies!

21 hours ago
I'm listening to this in the background while sleeping and the echo at 18 whatever minutes was hilarious enough to wake me up.

Good job

21 hours ago
lol! Echo... lol!

21 hours ago
I work for a company that does Facebook ads. I think it's for when we choose an ad type and we click the community tab, we would be able to select from photos in the database. I don't think it's going to be a dynamic thing used in ads by AI, but an option available for a campaign manager to use. Kinda like how people sometimes use Shutterstock images for their ads it would be like a Facebook Shutterstock of real people.
Not sure if it will really be a thing, but this is how I predict the feature would work if it ever got used. I can ask our Facebook rep.

2 days ago
Sorry, but with the entire steam thing, if you dont scroll down to the reviews and at least look through whether people recommend it or not, then youre just not a good consumer in the first place.

2 days ago
James is a retard for not being concerned with the total surveillance of Alexa owners.
And it's not just limited to Alexa either.
James is seemingly ok with totalitarianism, which is disturbing and really disgusting.

2 days ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAAA The audio loop hahahahaaa

2 days ago
I think you should not be able to review a game unless you have 2 hours logged. (that is past the time limit you have to return it)

2 days ago
Still not archived on FloatPlane....

2 days ago
So many full seconds skipped... What is going on?

2 days ago
What is ULA? Good video

2 days ago
when u lean forward ur out of focus

2 days ago
again audio is too quiet

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