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  Published: 1 week ago


The new Suppressed Sniper is a BIT OP if you combine it with Ballons!

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Song: Max Maurin - Shotgun 2
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
This new mic is gonna be really good when I get it setup properly! had the sensitivity a bit too high for this one though sorry! (Also facecam was broken today :( )

52 minutes ago
8:12 how did he get up

1 hour ago
3:38 he sounds like big chagais

2 hours ago
We want memes yes we do if we want memes we’ll watch you!

2 hours ago
Did you just drop a purple pump for a heavy shotgun

2 hours ago
Fresh noobies

2 hours ago
I wish I could see Fresh's POV of 11:30 and onward. Seriously, props for the covering fire!

3 hours ago
U did not just drop a heavy pump for a heave shotgun lokk at damage

9 hours ago
do more rainbow six

10 hours ago
Well Done Team Alpha Gaming Certified ;)

12 hours ago
And then he realizes it’s trash 🗑☹️😒😕😣

12 hours ago
When u use face cam u suck but when u don't your awsome

18 hours ago
4:46 “this niggas nuts”

19 hours ago
crossbow >> suppressed...

19 hours ago
Muselk got really good

20 hours ago
Did no 1 else see how he magicly just got up when he was down,,🤔😑🤔🤔

21 hours ago
You've got to be so annoying to play with, oh my God.

22 hours ago
plzzzz play overwatch

1 day ago
Its soo fucking stupid like it Dose not sound cool and it’s not even better than the regular sniper stop over exaggerating fortnite is so FUCKING GAYYYY

1 day ago
You took a heavy over a pump?

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