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Design Your Own CPU!!!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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We get a look at some working Open Source silicon and the things people are doing with the technology.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 weeks ago
I don`t know what any of these words mean.

3 weeks ago
Audio unsynced in the last 60 sec or so

3 weeks ago
Huami? What are they gonna name their companies next? Xiaowei? xD

3 weeks ago
I bet you didn't know that in 2 months from now You would drop your $10,000 CPU and break it. Ah he looks so happy, stay that way Linus.

3 weeks ago
I work in IT.... Linus is flying over my head. It makes me sad :(

3 weeks ago
This is SO cool.

3 weeks ago
Hey Linus... I've got a some questions.

How is this better than an FPGA? Won't you have to test things on a real chip anyway, not just in simulators to know if it'll really work? And if you're doing small orders, aren't you likely to be a startup anyway, so you'll want to offer upgrades and what not (if you have an FPGA instead of a hard chip, you can just flash the updates on). I mean...

FPGAs have been the way to go in this field for like ages for basically everything besides space travel, assuming the number of chips you need is < 3-5k...

How is this going to be better? I mean, is it just going to ignore economy of scale? Try to compete with Paypaya or arduino or something? I'm so confused.

3 weeks ago
you break it, you buy it.

3 weeks ago
5:33 Linus must not be familiar with the Subaru EJ25

3 weeks ago
*Linus' Core

3 weeks ago
Im gonna design a 3d 8k porn processor my brother's. Wish me luck.

3 weeks ago
Don't drop it

3 weeks ago
2:13 linus chilling with pikachu 😂

3 weeks ago
This is pretty awesome :). I was expecting something else tho. I was expecting something like a wooden board with nails and exposed copper wire.

3 weeks ago
ya know when i saw design your own cpu i just imagined a whole board in the shape of kirby lol

2 months ago
Fantastic! We need to break out of this ZOG malware-on-a-chip death spiral. o/

2 months ago
1:14 TOTAL FAIL ! RISC-V is not new, it's the 5th generation (as the name says) of the RISC dynasty In particular it's a VERY WELL polished MIPS sibling. But it's FAR FROM NEW moron.
Do you ever research your subject ?

2 months ago
Open source software makes sense as lots of people can contribute and fix issues with the code and overall improve the end product thus making things better for everyone. "Open source hardware" in the traditional sense also makes sense as it allows customisability that is easy to understand for consumers (e.g. the video card makes video faster, more RAM stores more things temporarily, etc), but this is legitimately a ridiculous idea. As cool as the idea is to allow individual designs for silicon, it makes no sense for 99% of people to use it, and for those who do, most won't understand the vast majority of the stuff involved thus leaving you with only hardware engineers who maybe want to do a bit of stuff on the side for which if you're doing something specific enough that you want to design a chip a FPGA would be the best option as you could use it in whatever project and then change the algorithm later if you want. Like from my point of view as someone studying Software and Electronic Systems Engineering I can't fathom why you would use this over any of the current options bar the fact that they will manufacture on smaller scales

2 months ago
Linus' * 🤔

2 months ago
I'm glad we're getting more information about this kind of projects. I'm really eager for an open source PC. People often doesn't realize how insecure is the machine they use.

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