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Design Your Own CPU!!!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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We get a look at some working Open Source silicon and the things people are doing with the technology.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

14 hours ago
I love how Linus took an idea that was completely abstract to me and beautifully put it in layman’s terms.

14 hours ago
Really digging the wide format vids.

19 hours ago
Too bad RISC-V sucks @ why should i use this, when i can have a supercomputer @ 5 watts?
Oh and i doubt this Risc-V-architecture is protected against Spectre, since it uses same, crappy "look-ahead"-cache technology & executes stuff before it´s needed xD

21 hours ago
2:55 Linus' Core*

2 days ago
Hm !

2 days ago
Replay 11:49 tons of times, it sounds funny to me! 😂

3 days ago
pretty cool, checked the website and have almost no clue what any of the parts you can pick mean. but i like the idea of this. gimme a super powerful 1 core cpu and ill be happy, then my shitty unoptimized korean mmos will run well :^)

4 days ago
Weird video aspect ratio.

4 days ago

5 days ago
design your own Raspberry Pi?

5 days ago
who me?

6 days ago
They are using Linux ... Like!

6 days ago
The thing that I am waiting for is a company that lets you design a laptop from scratch. Everything from the size of the chassy to the power to the battery.

6 days ago
My dude in the back there running Ubuntu. <3

6 days ago
I need a 128-bit processor for Dreamcast emulation and future-proofing! But they don't offer higher than 64-bit.

6 days ago
Linus bullying PC with chair :D

6 days ago
great video. i have a request dave please can you do a video on gaming companies to buy gaming parts from

6 days ago
onli for bisnis aplication they make a monthly profit of $ 100,000 and do not know what to do now .... it could give me too because !!! I gave a hint ?! ...... warehouse technologiza ... and out of it comes a millennium falcon .... it's probably work and it's not magic lol .

7 days ago
T-minus 15.73 months until acquired by intel/amd and everyone goes 'who could have predicted this?!'

7 days ago
7:00 what happens if it said Alien? Rofl

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