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3 Details You May Have Missed in the Ghostbusters 3 Teaser! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)
  Published: 3 months ago


In a time of reboots and remakes of old classics, we're getting a surprise original Ghostbusters sequel! So how much did its new teaser share? Jessica does some detail busting on today's Nerdist News!

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Are you happy to see a sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

10 hours ago
I love the original movies and cartoon... thank you for respecting the fans and original cast...

4 days ago
yes!!! Be interesting if her son becomes a ghost Buster and recruit others to follow him! then surving members of the old team teach them. then in time of need join the new ghost Busters as a last hoorah! combing old and new! giving notice to the old team and a new start for the new one.

7 days ago
I noticed everything except the slime. The music right away had me jumping for joy. My first thought was it was gonna be cgi.

1 week ago
I hope the new movie might have something to do with ‘Citizen Ghost’. Or maybe to do with Extreme Ghostbusters. I’m sure Dan Aykroyd will at least have Crystal Skull Vodka party lamps or a bottle or two on a shelf in the barn too. Lol

1 week ago

2 weeks ago
You hear the proton pack being worked on..hence "in the works".

2 weeks ago
Just as long as it is not staring kids...

3 weeks ago
O for fuck's sack not again, No-one wants this please just let Gostbusters die with the small amount of dignity it has left!!

1 month ago
I think the person in the barn is a old ghostbuster who went lost and know one knows where he is and the original ghostbuster is working in the proton pack

1 month ago
I cannot wait for this to come out. I really hope that they keep the ecto 1 as close to either ver1 or ver2 as appropriate (ie led light bars etc to replace the older halogen) but don't change it to a different vehicle. Ecto 1 is just as much a part of the cast as any of the actors and should survive the test of time.

1 month ago
i think egon is working on it before he died and after that they show the 3 at his grave

1 month ago
And why the proton is at more range than the old straight proton

1 month ago
No.2 that is not a proton pack .It is a broken fence

1 month ago
God this old lady sound soooo bored talking in monotone.

1 month ago
I can’t wait 😊

1 month ago
The 2016 Ghostbusters didn’t have them catch any ghosts. Instead they had them kill ghosts.ITS CALLED GHOSTBUSTERS COME ON!!!

Except the one in the beginning but they let it go

1 month ago
After the last one... ECTO-1 goes CQB241........

1 month ago
You missed the 1980's hand held landline telephone ringtone, as the music starts. As in "Who you gonna Call?"

2 months ago
Ghost Busters phone number JL5-2020 ...... July 5th, 2020

2 months ago
Super excited to watch it next year!

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