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Which Portable Gaming Setup is BEST?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 month ago


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If you can't have a desktop what's the best option for gaming on the go?

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Buy the Razer Blade
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Comments Directly on YouTube

19 minutes ago
Why not include the aero 15x instead of the bigger blade? Seems like the best of all worlds if you ignore the $

1 hour ago
Giant laptop = ridiculous
EGPU = ridiculous
The ‘normal’ gaming laptop wins for me

10 hours ago
I still think the big laptop is the better one. It's not like we don't have power chords everywhere we go, nor that 2kg of difference is that much anyway. (It's relatively more, but for me the performance is worth the bigger weight)

13 hours ago
I feel like my Omen 15 is better than all of these 3 xD

15 hours ago
Razer blade ofc

15 hours ago
Having to add something bigger than the laptop itself for the second one doesnt make it very portable

19 hours ago
Please make a video review of lenovo yoga 330/ dell inspiron 15-5570

1 day ago
Linus great video! I am still waitng for your review of the Alienware m15 with the GPU amp. It seems to me that this would be the best set up as it would give you a thin and light with a 90w battery a 1070 and still have the capability for ultra desktop gaming. I am test running the razer 15 but am concerned about reliability and will probably return it for the m15. Hope to see your next shtuff

2 days ago
Which is best laptop or desktop....

2 days ago
Why the VoIcE cracks 😀

2 days ago
Nintendo switch!

2 days ago
ASUS all the way babyy ..😎😎

2 days ago
a gaming laptop like the acer aspire e15 is the best option with good gpu and battery life

2 days ago
Blade 2018, its better than having a gaming dock as it performs similarly if nit better than a core in loop back mode.

Also cheaper than the stealth a 2017 ultrabook, + core + 1080. I think that the razer blade isn't heavy enough for me to warrant complaining at 2kg ish.

If you are gonna buy the asus brick then you might as well make a SFF pc in the Dan cases s4 or ghost s1

3 days ago

3 days ago
I like my dell g7 with i7 8750H and gtx 1050ti
It’s useless unless it’s plugged in though 😂

3 days ago
lovin that halo mask

3 days ago
What about the asus zephyrus ?

4 days ago
Razer blade be the best

4 days ago
The blade 2018s screen looks far better than the others, and that can mean more than a GPU

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