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Why is EVERYONE Buying This Sound Bar??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 7 months ago


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Sound bars are a growing category in the home theater space. Some can do multi-room audio. Some can do virtual surround sound. Some, like the new Sonos Beam, even have the Google Assistant or Alexa built in. But what about this best-selling value sound bar from Amazon?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

17 hours ago
You are Matt Watson but for techs

2 days ago
Where is the review on the sound scoops!!!!!!

2 days ago
Sound scoops. looks like a diffuser for your TV.

3 days ago
because sometimes, tv speakers are still good, sound systems are WAY better than tv speakers, but some tv speakers are still good enough where you don't have to buy by a whole sound system, here are some manufacturers that put good speakers in their TVs:

- Samsung
- LG
- Sony
- Insignia

3 days ago
Soundbars are cool if you don't have the space but a decent 5.1 system doesn't cost much. I see what soundbars cost these days for a nice one with a sub and damn they are getting up there in price. Once you buy a house watch out you start dumping some money into your system then you will never want to go to the theater again and your sound bar will be in the garage or given to your kid. You can get a 5.1 or even a 2.1 for cheap. Once you pay over 200 for a soundar then it's time to step up to a nice system even a HTIIB will blow that soundbar away.

4 days ago
Best intro in youtube.

4 days ago
Ha! Guy puts manson in for the example! Love it!

5 days ago
Rich guy: HA! scrub
Poor guy: What's a scrub?

5 days ago
I’m not buying shit.

6 days ago
Big bands played in band shells for a reason, so the sound scoops make sense.

1 week ago
Do the review, I'm curious.

1 week ago
Review the scoops

1 week ago
like that shirt

1 week ago
Haha I just use computer speakers.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Please review the scoops

2 weeks ago
Ur a scrub

2 weeks ago
Nice review bro. Here's mine too 🤗 review on Konzert soundbar and subwoofer sbx-2x4

2 weeks ago
WHY does he still call Alexa A.L.E.X.A

2 weeks ago
review the scoops

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