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  Published: 1 week ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 days ago
Who is the speaker here,which shaikh?
Can any one inform me pls...Jazak Allahu khaira

7 days ago
Do you guys have any tips for free time? Like what to do in free time to please Allah SWT?

1 week ago
Maa Shaa ALLAH

1 week ago
Jummah Mubarak everyone don’t forget to read/listen to Surah Kahf today!

1 week ago
Masha Allah

So nice to hear you

1 week ago
Ik this is actually impossible to answer that question

1 week ago
Anyone has answers

1 week ago
Why would Allah throw an individual to hell even though he knows that individual will go hell way before they were born because he is the all Knower and if allah knows that individual will go hell he should change his mind that individual should go heaven because he is the most merciful

1 week ago
Masha Allah brother you are very right .I agree with you 100%. I hope and pray that my children , grandchildren and the children of our ummah will understand and do what you are saying to them for their benefit. You will Insha Allah get the reward in this world and hereafter.

1 week ago
Time is limited & therefore precious so don't waste it.Instead use it to build ur Akhirah 💟

1 week ago
MaşaAllah ♥

1 week ago
subhan Allah. 😭 what a great reminder.

1 week ago
Like what My Father said: "Before you do the commandments, do what Allah (S.W.T) has forbids first"

Is my grammar correct? Or incorrect? 🤣 ✌

Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

1 week ago
This made me feel really bad 😔😔

1 week ago
Tomorrow I am going to join in the college ....dua for me to success in this life and afterlife

1 week ago
Allahu Akbar

1 week ago
I am the loving these videos!! Powerful powerful stuff!

1 week ago
Tomorrow is JUMAH.

1 week ago
golden words

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