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JIBO IS DEAD!?!? - The WAN Show Nov 30 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 weeks ago


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Timestamps courtesy of Isaiah

0:00 Start / 10 Year Birthday
6:00 Sales is underrated
9:13 Being asleep.
12:04 The Intro
12:55 No not Jibo!
16:40 Go get that shirt! (doesn't get it)
27:27 Rat talk.
29:00 Linus' day on 9/11/2001
30:25 Sponsor: MOS Organizer
30:34 Linus leaks RTX
33:55 Sponsor: Seasonic
34:05 Linus leaks RTX again.
35:50 Sponsor: Freshbooks!
37:00 Chinese scientist created first designer babies
44:55 Reading of super chats
47:30 YouTube removing paywall of YouTube Originals
50:30 Same bad-time and same bat channel / Outtro.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
pls sub to me i need channel support

2 days ago
The Jibo thing reminded me of Juicero. Overly expensive, it doesn't do anything of actual value to most if not anybody, and there were better and much cheaper alternatives. Don't back anything with an O at the end of its name I guess.

3 days ago
The pseudo-leak of the rtx-Titan is a joke.
It is terrible to see a professional losing his professionalism and becoming a vicarious agent of the NVidia PR department.
It's a shame.
You loose my subscription...

6 days ago
"these are evidence"

6 days ago
F for jibo

1 week ago
Hardness scale is grade 5 in Ontario

1 week ago
Good james.

2 weeks ago
I guess Linus doesn’t understand the value of outside investors have with innovation. The Jibo may be no good, but there are plenty of investments where people all say it will never work but then turns out to be a positive invention/innovation.

2 weeks ago
37:30 he disappeared without leaving any trace

2 weeks ago
Me, 26:15: better turn up the volume, I can't hear anything

James, 26:23:YEEEEEEAH

2 weeks ago
38:40 Asian John? :o

2 weeks ago
Starbucks is bustling on Christmas, everyone wants their peppermint soy macchiato with two shots of caramel, light whip, and double shot of espresso... or some crap like that.

2 weeks ago
Wurtzite Boron Nitride

2 weeks ago
James was being really passive aggressive today. What's his deal? It was like he's treating Linus as a kid

2 weeks ago
Lol 12 minutes in they finally did the intro. This why I'm a fan!

2 weeks ago
Time: 12 minutes "Roll intro". A 12 minute cold opening, followed by emotional silliness, and lots of yelling offset... I declare WAN show to be entertainment of the highest degree. Just pure winsauce.

2 weeks ago
Wow Linus, such nuance.

2 weeks ago
"what in life is not sales" a funeral

2 weeks ago
Linus would have done an apprenticeship in Switzerland

2 weeks ago
Linus: "I'm failing calculus, better get a tutor".
Yvonne tutoring Linus: "You should drop out".

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