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Razer "Gaming" Phone 2 - WAN Show Sept 7, 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh

0:01 LMG is on vacation.
0:48 Overview of the program.
1:16 Intro.
2:00 AMD CPU, VEGA RADEON Graphics.
4:40 Microsoft Windows 7 FOREVER/ 2023.
8:40 We have sponsors, PIA and Humble Bundle.
9:03 Second Razer "gaming" phone confirmed.
12:35 Steam using filters to hide certain games in search.
15:40 British Airways Security breach
17:18 have I been Pwned?
20:27 Leaked i7-9700k Benchmarks
23:00 AT&T Unlimited Data to First Responders!
25:30 Sponsor 1 PIA
27:56 Sponsor 2 Humble Bundle
29:54 EA SUED!
32:38 Forza Specs!
35:50 AMD 7 Nanometer CPUS
38:00 Floatplane
42:00 Extralife Children's Miracle Network 24 hour Stream! Through the AGES! October 6th
47:30 Iphone X
47:49 Microsoft Xbox One Voice control
48:25 Gamer's Nexus, Tom's Hardware Squabble
51:30 Witcher 3 Original Series Netflix
53:30 Farewell for the week.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

16 hours ago
The first razer phone has 8 cores

2 days ago
Luke, totally with you on Windows 8.1. I use it on my main gaming desktop as well. Only thing it needed was a Start Menu program which is so much better than the Windows 10 Start Menu anyways.

Don’t have the forced updates of Windows 10, but has most of the compatability (Windows 10 makes some older games incompatible). I don’t even touch Metro stuff, just pure desktop. Prefer it to both 7 and 10.

2 days ago

3 days ago
Using Windows 10 and have been for years. It's such an amazingly good OS. Sure it's had its issues, but which OS hasn't? I work in IT and recommending customers run Windows 10 saves me literally hours every week. Hours I can use on important stuff.

Regarding Steam, I just want it to sort my games list properly; The Elder Scrolls should be under T and not E for instance. Also, I'd love to be able to block all animé games.

Password managers makes you able to leak all your passwords at once. Definitely a terrible idea. Safest way, as Bill Gates say and do, is to have a physical notebook in your pocket with all your usernames and passwords.

3 days ago
There's a ton of MOBAS for phones.
Racing games are also very prevalent.
Action RPG's, MMORPG's.

A lot more types of games are coming to phones now that they have better specs.

3 days ago
Luke is taking over LMG.

3 days ago
M$, just cancel windows 10. You gave it a shot and it failed terribly. Go back to full Windows 7 support until the end of time.

3 days ago
most password managers have their own generator, use those! there is nothing better than a 20-60 random generated character password

3 days ago
Luke WAN Walker goes Solo.

3 days ago
I think this Wan show was also broadcasting in Radio SW frequencies! HAHAHA

4 days ago
win10 isn't bad if you can stand ads in your start menu and can nuke cortana.... oo god I have stockholm

4 days ago
120hz for Mobile Gaming?

Short: No

4 days ago
Best WAN Show in awhile. Actual news and discussion. Good job Luke.

4 days ago
Lol I would say British Airways made some points for their responsible actions.

4 days ago
I used W8.1 before W10 was released and it was garbage.

4 days ago
Have not seen this episode yet but agreed. Win 7 forever.

4 days ago
Thank you for going on with this Wan Show Luke.

5 days ago
May I please be hired for your full time stream guy... :\ I'm so tired of you guy not nailing it, I want to help so bad...

5 days ago
Luke is the best

5 days ago
Luke smashed it! Feel pretty bad for him being left behind though

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