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Razer "Gaming" Phone 2 - WAN Show Sept 7, 2018
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 months ago


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Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh

0:01 LMG is on vacation.
0:48 Overview of the program.
1:16 Intro.
2:00 AMD CPU, VEGA RADEON Graphics.
4:40 Microsoft Windows 7 FOREVER/ 2023.
8:40 We have sponsors, PIA and Humble Bundle.
9:03 Second Razer "gaming" phone confirmed.
12:35 Steam using filters to hide certain games in search.
15:40 British Airways Security breach
17:18 have I been Pwned?
20:27 Leaked i7-9700k Benchmarks
23:00 AT&T Unlimited Data to First Responders!
25:30 Sponsor 1 PIA
27:56 Sponsor 2 Humble Bundle
29:54 EA SUED!
32:38 Forza Specs!
35:50 AMD 7 Nanometer CPUS
38:00 Floatplane
42:00 Extralife Children's Miracle Network 24 hour Stream! Through the AGES! October 6th
47:30 Iphone X
47:49 Microsoft Xbox One Voice control
48:25 Gamer's Nexus, Tom's Hardware Squabble
51:30 Witcher 3 Original Series Netflix
53:30 Farewell for the week.
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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 month ago
Yeahhh, where's the Windows 8.1 squad?? Oh yeah, there isn't one, so sad...

4 months ago

5 months ago
I like how Luke assumes if you don't like 8.1 you must not have used it for a length of time he deems acceptable to understand it. Cute!

6 months ago
question - for people who have a 2-factor authentication, can they get pwned too.?

6 months ago
Forza 4 is really well optimised- always over 90% GPU usage on 1070ti on max settings ;P

6 months ago
luke is always sick xD

6 months ago
Matt is getting fat.

6 months ago
I mainly play the gta serie on my phone; no 120hz required 😅
60 is still better than the 30 we were getting on ps2 and xbox 😅

6 months ago
what if you get pwned by your password manager? they would have EVERYTHING.

6 months ago
modern combat, ravensword shadowlands, gta 3/vice city/san andreas, emulation of consoles, asphalt, shadowgun, dead trigger, riptide gp/gp2/renegade, star wars knights of the old republic (og xbox port), etc

6 months ago
emulation, would benefit by applying vsync to games and still getting 60fps.

6 months ago

6 months ago
if you game, your a gamer. i play pc, console, and mobile. there are some pretty good mobile games. i typically use a desktop streamer to play pc games on the go. kinoni for life

6 months ago
athlon 200ge is actually pretty impressive. compare it to the i5 650, it was also clocked similarly with 2c/4t, and significantly more expensive. think about the advancements, shrunk dies, etc. since then. its definitely a better value than the i5 was back about a decade ago. so if your someone who enjoys games from about 2007 to 2014, its an awesome value.

6 months ago
dfuck hes suing ea because someone showed up and shot up the place, his arguments are nonexistent as the dude was out of town. damn americans are suing too much, if you tried to pull this in sweden you'd be laughed out of court, no jk, no one would give a fuck and you'd get nowhere

6 months ago
Well fortnite and pubg are it so far.

6 months ago
Windows 7 is perfect if you ask me. I upgraded to windows 10, even after following step by step instructions to disable cortana, cortana still ran in the background, eating up a whole 2gb of ram. Really glad I backed up Windows 7 on a flash drive before upgrading.

6 months ago
Linux master Race

6 months ago

6 months ago

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