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The BEST Cooling Solution - Air or Water - FINAL ANSWER
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 months ago


AIO water cooling is considered the best for cooling efficiency short of a custom loop, but is it really? Or can air cooling give it a run for its money?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
Have you done or are you planning an AIO vs custom water cooling video? If you have I haven't found it.

9 hours ago
Returning to stock CPU fan cooler

1 day ago
what if in the tropical area, with 30 degree C ?

1 day ago
As usual great video but you do not add custom loops or high-end all-in-one customizable liquid cooled systems?

2 days ago
future cooling will be done with cooling pads, they get cool when they come into contact to any heat

3 days ago
Associating Noctua w/ Mayweather instantly told me Noctua would be the winner. :)

3 days ago
I replaced all the fans on my AIO cooler with noctua fans and that made a huge difference too.

5 days ago
... Where is hard tube...

6 days ago
imagine living with this guy, and listening to him talk like this everyday about toilet paper and dish soap.

6 days ago
😆Are we still in the 80s? We all knew air cooling is more modern. Those water cooling are backwards kids!

6 days ago
Air cooling is good for your PC.

7 days ago
Haven't never...?

1 week ago
Dollar shawe your way to air !

1 week ago
Your skin looks like fire in this video tbh with you... -.-

1 week ago
6:54 lol 😂😂

1 week ago
The answer is : IT DEPENDS. You're welcome.

1 week ago
What if you would mount a CPU Cooler on a GPU??? Will it be cool, will it overheat or doese nothing change

1 week ago
It's all air cooling when it comes down to it.

1 week ago
something is wrong what the hell
i have pre filled 120 mm asetec cheaper older cooler and at room temp (23°C) and full fan i can get 51 celsius under full load with q6600 105W TDP. although i dont run fan that hard and it runs at 55 at full load and 67% fan wich is prety quiet.

2 weeks ago
Lol compact, that thing is fucking huge

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