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This PC is Cooler Than You - Corsair One (Deuce)
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


Thanks to CORSAIR for sponsoring this CES 2019 content!
Check out the CORSAIR ONE i140:
Check out the CORSAIR ONE i160:
Check out the CORSAIR ONE PRO i180:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
where can I buy a dummy just to brag? shouldn't be to hard to make ONE, right!?

1 week ago
So if anything should FAIL in my workstation I can go to a local retailer and replace it in 1-2 hours time with a standard component or does corsair do this job for me!? Just asking from a company standpoint that wants to make sure pcs are up within 4 hours after a hardware failure.

2 weeks ago
These have the same target buyer as the BMW i8.

2 weeks ago
Huh technically, the PC is cooler because it needs cooling more so than human internally designed to be hot.

3 weeks ago
You should never internal push-back on a deuce

4 weeks ago
No hate but... 0:18 badder 😂😂 and am only 10 and I even know that's not a word

1 month ago
I think i will stick with my kidneys.

1 month ago
Over Priced

1 month ago
$5000 -_-

2 months ago
This PC is actually worth it. Only $600 difference or so in getting the components yourself. You get a warranty and the form factor. Sweet.

2 months ago
gosh, worst intro&ad in the LTT

2 months ago
Corsair douche....I’m sorry...I’ll leave now

2 months ago
As a gaming pc intending buyer I understand that price wise, what you get is not much more expensive than getting the parts separately?
Watch Linus' video about the previous model.
With this pre-built system you get assembly, a surprisingly sleek and as it seems well built computer, guarantee, and oh yeah... NO RGB DISCO all over.
However it might be a good idea to introduce mid priced models as well.

2 months ago
its more gooder and nothing really badder about it

2 months ago
... internal push back on the deuce... This is why I watch ltt

2 months ago
heat is gonna be a serious problem i've seen reviews where broken fans and whatnot happens in these. just not worth it imo if you are going to shell out so much $$$

2 months ago
Tfw you can't sell a kidney for it because you only have one :D

2 months ago
wow, in the past i nearly bought the previous one, this is pretty cool!

2 months ago
😂🤣😂🤣😂 Just $3600

2 months ago
For the i160, the parts cost about $3000-3500 cad, so therefore the case is worth about $250-500 and a profit margin of $1k? No thanks... I simply built my own and saved tons of money.

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