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   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


Thanks to MKBHD for the tour :) check out his channel

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Comments Directly on YouTube

8 months ago
*Orders 8000 cable ties

5 hours ago
Just a prop bro

14 hours ago
When your weird Uncle come to your room and try shaming you for all your life choices.

22 hours ago
4:35 I start dying

2 days ago
5:27 I died 😂

3 days ago
"Thats the most dangerous thing in this office" = Samsung Galaxy Note 7

For me the Cheerios because = Best Used July 19 2013

3 days ago
100% would drive me crazy but he is a work horse 👍 OCD can and is very painful

3 days ago

4 days ago
Itss a bomb

4 days ago
linus is so tiny next to him.

4 days ago
This kind of stuff needs to happen more often. Super funny and entertaining, but also shows mutual respect between the unorthodox tech pros we rely on. Thanks guys!

4 days ago
Sandals with socks... cringe.

5 days ago
Desk @ 3:30?

5 days ago
Omg Linus you are sooo short

5 days ago
Great video Linus. Greetings from Andreas on Off Grid Sweden

5 days ago
I wonder what mkbhd will be doing the tissues and lotion 😏😏...

5 days ago
Says You should shop less at Ikea but their new Office is full of Ikea Stuff

6 days ago
Marques is so tall compared to the other guy!

6 days ago
But what are those!?

6 days ago
Linus wearing socks and sandles to cement the fact that hes a nerd......amazing.

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