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  Published: 9 months ago


Get Your Sabeel Crew neck Sweater Here:

Use Code: "600k" for additional 10% off (Code Only Valid For Today)

The wait is finally over! Our Sabeel Arabic crew neck sweaters are finally here and available for purchase! We made sure that the quality was perfect for the upcoming spring weather. We are sure you guys will absolutely love it! The prices we set for this launch are unbeatable! Our goal here at TheProphetsPath apparel is to provide our loyal fans and supporters with fashionable clothing that is great in quality, but also affordable in price. As our brand grows, Insha'Allah we will strive more and more to do that.
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9 months ago
Get Your Sabeel Crew neck Sweater Here:

Use Code: "600k" for additional 10% off (Code Only Valid For Today)

3 weeks ago
i cant go to the website to buy

9 months ago
Salam bro. I want the "Sabr" Long Sleeve T-Shirt please. But it seems to be out of be out of stock atm. And please include a proper size chart. I want to get it shipped at Malaysia when it becomes available. 😊 JazakAllah Khair.

9 months ago
Wa alaikum salam warah matulahi wabarakatuh,the best 😃☝✅👍💰🏢

9 months ago
🍃God Sends Guidance
Upon acknowledging that we have been created by the All-Wise Creator, we would expect to be informed of our purpose. How can we know what God expects from us?
Do we live in trial and error, or make our own purpose?
Do we “go with the flow” by following others? No.
God sent Prophets and revelation to inform us of our purpose.
God sent thousands of Prophets, at least one to every nation, with the same message: to worship God alone and to follow His guidance.
They included Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all). Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the last in the chain of Prophets, was the perfect example of an honest, just, compassionate and brave human being. He was sent with the final revelation from God, the Quran, to demonstrate how its teachings should be applied. The Quran is a book of guidance and explains many concepts such as the purpose of our existence; who God is; the actions liked and disliked by God; the stories of the Prophets and their lessons; accounts of Heaven, Hell, and the Day of Judgement.
 It aims to clarify misunderstandings about the nature of God, such as clarifying the nature and role of Jesus compared to the nature of God.
 Jesus, like all the other Prophets, performed miracles and called to the worship of The One true God (Quran 19:36).
➡The Nature of Jesus
When trying to understand the concept of God in Islam, it is important to discuss the status of Jesus, given the widespread confusion and claims about his nature.
Some Christians claim that “Jesus is God” or part of a trinity – that is, he is the incarnation of God on earth and that God took on a human form.
 However, according to the Bible, Jesus was born, ate, slept, prayed and had limited knowledge – all attributes not befitting God. God has attributes of perfection whereas Man is the opposite. So how can anything be two complete opposites both at the same time?
 This is not rational. However, some may ask, “If God can do anything, why can’t he become a man?”
By definition, God does not do ungodly acts, so if God became man and took on human attributes, he would, necessarily, no longer be God.
Furthermore, the Bible contains many verses in which Jesus speaks and behaves as if God is a separate being to himself. For example, Jesus “fell on his face and prayed” [Matthew 26:39]. If Jesus was God, then would a God fall on his face and pray?
 And, who would he be praying to? Some Christians claim that “Jesus is the Son of God.” We should ask ourselves, what does this actually mean?
 Surely God is far removed from having a physical and literal son. Rather, we find that the term “Son of God” is symbolically used in the earliest biblical languages for a “righteous person”.
 It is used throughout the Old Testament for many righteous people such as David, Solomon and Israel – not exclusively for Jesus, “…Israel is my firstborn son,” (Exodus 4:22) is one such example. “It is not befitting for Allah to take a son; He is perfect and flawless!”Quran 19:35
 The Islamic belief about Jesus explains who the real Jesus was, whilst maintaining the pure belief about God and His complete Greatness,
Uniqueness and Perfection. Jesus was as an honourable Prophet sent by God to call to the worship of God alone.

🌟So…Why am I here ?

Everyone would acknowledge that our body parts, such as our eyes, ears, brains and hearts, have a purpose.
Wouldn’t it then make sense that the individual, as a whole, also has a purpose?
 God, the All Wise, did not create us to simply wander aimlessly or to only fulfil our basic instincts and desires.
Rather, we have a higher purpose – to acknowledge and worship God alone, so that we live upon the guidance of our Creator.
This guidance enables us to live a successful and blessed life in all aspects. This includes personal acts of virtue like prayer, as well as beneficial acts to society, like being good to one’s neighbours, supporting one’s family, honesty, and caring for animals. God forbids us from worshiping anything else (e.g. statues, the sun, moon, saints, priests or even Prophets).
 He does not need any partners or intermediaries.
Everyone can always worship God directly.
God describes this life as a test, and people are tested in different ways.
We cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we react. Patience during adversities, and gratitude for blessings, are a means of getting closer to God and attaining eternal Paradise.
We are also warned of a terrible punishment in Hell if we choose to disbelieve and ignore His commands.

🌟So… what do I do now ?

The test of one’s faith is in using one’s intellect to contemplate and recognise God’s signs and live according to His guidance.
This is done by submitting to God’s commands, which in Arabic means to become a “Muslim”.
God, the One and only Creator – ‘Allah’ in Arabic – has made Islam accessible to everyone, regardless of their history, background or present situation. Therefore, anyone can become a Muslim by simply believing in, and uttering the following testimony of faith:

 “I testify that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah, and I testify that Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger.” Isn’t it time for you to fulfil your purpose of life, submit to the truth and acknowledge your Creator?

🍃  Universal and Timeless Message

 Islam has a message that applies to all people at all times, from the creation of Adam up until the Day of Judgement.
 It is applicable today as it always has been.
 God is accessible to everyone.
People may distinguish themselves and earn God’s favour through belief and righteous actions only – not through race, wealth, gender, nationality or social class.

🍃  Practical and Balanced Way of Life

 Islam provides the right balance between faith and action, as both are required for a stable life.
It provides guidance for all situations and circumstances.
 It is a practical religion with practical acts of worship that are designed to fulfil the spiritual, physical, psychological and social needs of people.
Examples of practical acts of worship that have numerous benefits include: The five daily prayers – Enriches the soul by satisfying the spiritual need of being in regular contact with God (especially in today’s busy lifestyle); makes one humble by bowing and prostrating to God; removes any barriers/pride/racism between believers praying in congregation; helps one refrain from committing sins given the person stands regularly before God.
 The obligatory charity – Purifies a person from selfishness; encourages empathy to the poor; reminds one of the blessings of God; helps reduce poverty; bridges the gap between rich and poor. The fasting in Ramadan – Promotes spiritual self-purification, self-restraint and growth; scientifically proven health benefits; empathy and awareness of those less fortunate; trains people to acquire the habit of obeying God.
The pilgrimage – Unites people of every colour, race, status and nationality, as pilgrims wear simple and similar clothing, while performing a range of good deeds in congregation.
Given that Islam is from God, every command found in the religion is ultimately good and beneficial to the individual and society when practised correctly.
Quranic examples include being honest, forgiving, truthful, kind to one’s wife, patient, fair, moderate, modest, sincere, and respecting parents, family and the elderly.
There are also many principles in the teachings of Islam that prevent or reduce many of the individual and social ills facing the world today.

9 months ago
What does this mean on the tshirt?

9 months ago

9 months ago
Mashallah. i ordered the Sabeel crew neck sweater.

9 months ago
There is only one inconvenient with this t-shirts and is that when you go to toilet or something like this If It writes something related to God...

9 months ago
Friends, we have an Islamic scientific channel. If you subscribe and support us, I hope we can reach a brother.))

9 months ago
The way he said W 😂😂 that was so cute!!

9 months ago
Promoting Dropshipping Business this Platform? 🤔

9 months ago
We are proud of you Al hamdulillah Now you are the ambassadors of Islam There May Allah accept you among his close servant

9 months ago
When will speak good and remain silent shirt be available?

9 months ago
Nice.... thanks

9 months ago

9 months ago

9 months ago
Too expensive

9 months ago
we wil support you guys :-)

9 months ago this

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