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Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?
  Published: 10 months ago


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5 hours ago
Detroit: Become Human 2

7 hours ago
All my life, wanted to see such robots..more like I.robot will Smith movie...flip well done team, luv your work...

10 hours ago

2 days ago

5 days ago
Black Mirror:
Episode no: Series 4; Episode 5
Title: Metalhead

5 days ago
I can only imagine being on the other side of this as if they were the raptors from Jurassic Park

6 days ago
I like how he held the door open for him to pass. True gentleman

1 week ago
Clever dogos

1 week ago
like Nickelodeon's dog cartoon

1 week ago
<3 I love them! Give these robots access to the world and to the internet, so they can learn and become smarter than us. I want to ask @BostonDynamics, what would happen if you would double length of legs, double length of body, double size of head, double size of neck, give it 6 arms and a pair of wings with jet engines? I just want these robots to be more reliable at everyday jobs. Their physical bodies must be improved. Thanks.

2 weeks ago
Very nice

2 weeks ago
This creeps me out a bit

2 weeks ago
So cute!
These guys need their own movie.

2 weeks ago
You have to be sillend, they can hear us and then we have to go back

2 weeks ago
Мины обезвреживать самое оно.

2 weeks ago
In the future, we will have robot dog as a pet

2 weeks ago
After watching Black Mirror Season 4, I'm convinced these things need to be destroyed immediately.

2 weeks ago
Clever girl.

2 weeks ago
unless they figure out how to open doors

2 weeks ago
You're gonna need a bigger boat... planet.. something...

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