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Let's Play Minecraft - Episode 294 - Sky Factory Part 34
  Published: 7 days ago


Achievement Hunter discovers where all the dragons got off to when Shady Ryan builds a new Dragon Emporium in town.

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On today's episode, Ryan hoards some dragons, Michael and Lindsay become dragon parents, Gavin decorates the blood altar, simple Geoff has a dragon infestation on the farm, Jack searches for saddles, and Jeremy traps the undeserving in literal Hell.

About Let's Play:
A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
So, does anyone know why the order of the Sky factory episodes for their playlist is going from newest to oldest, instead of oldest to newest? It's very frustrating wanting to just binge watch the series, only to find out it's playing in backwards order.

5 hours ago
They should play minecraft comes alive in some capacity, either in a mod pack or a let's play.

5 hours ago
"jeremy, give me that pipe."
" love me you stupid piece of shit."

you could really make an interesting sound board out of these guys...

7 hours ago
Hey Geoff, when everyone else gets fired for putting chickens in your dragon farm, can I have a job?

7 hours ago
Lindsay, it’s alt+F4

10 hours ago
We need an AH Animated about the Well of Suffering.

15 hours ago
Okay, but here's the real question: Is there a tiny Edgar in the tiny AH City?

1 day ago
when they made mc videos, outside of sky craft

1 day ago
10:53 “it was goo but it had beads in it” Gavin: “Anal?”

1 day ago
That moment at 10:21 when team same voice harmonized for one line makes me want a full album of covers...

1 day ago
Either Geoff is getting overly paranoid about his chicken farm or he's just playing a part, but either way he needs to chill out. Freaking out about little things that can't actually happen starts to get old fast...

1 day ago
ive "watched" this series since ep 1 im just now actually seeing what their skybase looks like cause i just play it in background as i play skyfactory xD

1 day ago
How is it that with baby dragons and sky dragons that Michael hasn't made a Yu-Gi-Oh reference yet?

2 days ago
When are you going to build a New and Improve Achievement City with your New Improve buildings ??

2 days ago
The dragons are in the big tree which Ryan I applaud you on putting them in there

2 days ago
I had to take a moment to appreciate the Gavin proposes to Micheal scene. Each time I re-watched it, it got funnier and funnier. The noise he makes as he flies away streaming rainbows behind him was a surprisingly good culmination of comedy serendipity.

2 days ago
Havent watched these LetsPlay Minecraft videos since maybe episode 50. Didn’t know they still made them. I still remember watching the very first one when it came out, man the memories

2 days ago
"But seriously Jack, where are the fish?"

"They're in the computer Michael, there's about 200 in there."

Cracked me up, just wasn't expecting a such a fast response.

2 days ago
Lindsay is now Bindsay

2 days ago
When jack and Micheal was suddenly in a radio station😂😂😂😂 Geoff man you did it again😂😂😂

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