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An Hour of Nonsense - WAN Show Feb 8, 2019
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 weeks ago
That's odd to see a work contract that wasn't in favor of the worker. I asked my dad about them once, since he's encountered them and could potentially offer them to people he employs, and he said they're essentially only for the benefit of the worker, in as much that they have secured a specific time frame and pay for work. I really want to see this contract now.

1 month ago
I never knew how scruffy luke was.

1 month ago
People need to chill wan show is amazing

2 months ago
As a voice actor who cringes at his own voice.... your voice is FINE. Great projection, good tone. Ignore the pre-pubescent children whose balls haven't dropped yet.
There's actually science behind why we don't perceive our own voice objectively due to a lack of resonance in our jaw bone in playback vs when we speak.
So all these little kids are doing is taking advantage of your natural predisposition to hate your own voice. Never once thought it was "annoying" just sounds like any other normal voice.

2 months ago
the whole leveling with you speech was based and linus pilled. wan show will always be sick.

3 months ago
Luke never looked more true to appearance than when he was holding that coffee mug (52:30),looked straight like he was staring into a campfire 😂

3 months ago
Hearing your talk about your hair makes me sad. Even if you have short hair you still wanna use shampoo over bar soap, if you do use bar soap you want to use conditioner. Bar soap will dry out your hair and make it brittle and can leave you with dandruff. They do make bar soaps that are for all over, but if you get a shampoo the soaps arent as harsh and your hair will love you.Hair is basically dead dry skin, if you use something that is designed to remove dead dry skin(bar soap) how much justice are you doing your hair?

3 months ago
Luke. The beard looks great, don't listen to the h8ers. Say no to soap on hair..

Also one other thing which I forgot...

3 months ago
notification sound: how about (if possible) random generated phrases by Linus, Dennis, Taren. etc... etc... , or maybe changes every so often??? ((( yes, weird but everyone gets the "ding" moment of fame )))

4 months ago
Linus, it takes some gall to hate on toe shoes when you wear sandals with socks. 😉

4 months ago
I know what you mean about your voice I'm in a couple of podcasts and HATE the sound of my own voice. Mainly I think because it doesnt sound like it does when I talk. (Yes I know about the reverberations in your skull that make your own voice sound different to you.)

4 months ago
nonsense FTW!! Don't change a single thing, the nonsense mixed with the sometimes deep conversations is gold!

4 months ago
Linus: I don't drink coffee
Coffee: Am I a joke to you?

5 months ago
“Hey LISTEN!” should be the notification lol

5 months ago
Can I angle this enough? LOL Gravity Linus, gravity. The coffee wont stay at the bottom of the cup when you tilt it, lol

5 months ago
Shampoo for my real friends
Real poo for my sham friends

5 months ago
wow i can't send messages to the discord server cuz i dont have a phone... rip

5 months ago Did they just say 10 seconds for a french press steep time?! ffs guys; 4-5 minutes or you're just drinking water haha!

5 months ago
Check out Lems Boulder Boot. I used to love toe shoes but I like these better now.

5 months ago

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