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An Hour of Nonsense - WAN Show Feb 8, 2019
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Podcast Link: TBD

Timestamps TBD
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Comments Directly on YouTube

20 hours ago

2 days ago
I would pay TRIPLE for a Denise edition Audio book

2 days ago
The 'ten year thing'... little analogy...
'People' prefer Eric Clapton's early work to his later stuff... The early stuff was recorded 50 years ago on old rechnology by people with relatively little experience - don't forget EC had only been playing guitar a couple of years or so. Minor mistakes get missed, there's a naivety of performance and production, a natural enthusiasm and nervousness captured on those early recordings.
The new stuff is technically better, more polished, better produced, EC has 50 years more experience, is more relaxed, a better player etc.
Same applies here. Inevitably, you're better at what you do. 'Edge' gets replaced with 'professionalism. You don't make the same mistakes and you're more tuned in to mistakes.
It's evolution and improvement.

4 days ago
WAN Show is always great as long as Linus and Luke is on! Love it!

4 days ago
Honestly, you two shooting the shit for an hour is what i tune in for!

5 days ago
I'm ok with an hour on nonsense with a little news mixed in!!

5 days ago
The book idea could be marketed as inspired by famous writers such as Charles Dickens (Bleak house was published as 20 something articles)

5 days ago
The title literally says "an hour of nonsense" and there are still a bunch of people complaining about missing timestamps. Just treat it as a podcast and listen through it like a normal person. No one cares about your "no timestamps, no watch" bs

5 days ago
25:17, pause the video.

5 days ago
Your voice is fine Linus. I also wanted to say that I enjoy this hour of nonsense, probably more than actual tech news.

6 days ago
I love your voice

6 days ago
and i guess they just gave up on timestamps rip...

6 days ago
Please release an unedited denis narrated audiobook. Charge way more for it. Make it the ultimate shitpost cash grab.

6 days ago
If I was a boss you would get my message. End of.

6 days ago
I could tell it wasn't Linus who wrote that video, thought it would be Alex or James.

6 days ago
You guys should just title your WAN shows like PowerfulJRE and number your episodes, "WAN Show Episode 23 - Feb 15, 2019". No expectations need to be set with the title. It's typically 5 minutes of news and 40 minutes of listening to Linus explain shit that he's opinionated about anyway.

7 days ago
Guys, I don't mind the time. Because it's always 4h30 somewhere on earth lol

7 days ago

Start: 0:00
Negative feedback against thumbnails and titles: 1:25
Random Tech News Headlines: 2:17
Intro: 3:01
Luke's beard and soap: 3:34
Philly D released hair product (great tech news): 7:42
Luke's Shoes 8:35
LTT Videos and Nostalgia: 14:20
Sponsors 30:40
PIA: 30:40
Madrinas Coffee 32:57
Savage Jerky 34:09
Linus' internet 35:40
Huawei and the FBI 37:10
Breaching Contracts 42:15
Coffee 47:29
LTX pricing 49:00
Nvida angy // Nvidia card rumour 54:11
Linus audiobook 57:45
Superchats // work app 58:42
RHEL 59:35
Superchats 59:49
Youtube joining 1:02:54
Floatplane notifications 1:03:00
End of BS Show 1:05:10

most extensive timestamps available at ariissleeping'

7 days ago
use a snippet of the wan show tune for notification sound.

7 days ago
The shoes .... As soon as i saw that curve i knew

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