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One Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Told Me That I’ll Never Forget | Will Smith Vlogs
   Will Smith
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Arnold Schwarzenegger gave me the most powerful piece of advice. It’s time to get personal and share some press tour stories I’ve experienced with Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and more. Dive inside the way we do press tours to help launch the Netflix Original film Bright in Mumbai, India. SUBSCRIBE for more:


All music provided by Trey AcE Smith

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 minutes ago
Why don't you age

2 hours ago
Did he tell you that scientology is a scam?

3 hours ago
So what did Sly and Bruce say? You're killing me...

5 hours ago
will niggerface

6 hours ago
I’ve probably commented on every video but I just have to tell you Will, WE ARE SO HAPPY YOU ARE HERE!❤️ love you man, I’m a true 90s kid so my heart is so happy. Best of luck to you and your channel! Welcome to youtube!!

6 hours ago
Made me hungry

7 hours ago

7 hours ago
Hi everyone Top Trent sent me

8 hours ago
Pretty good impression. Also, I want that food.

9 hours ago
Wow I just got to this channel and it’s already cool Im going to sub

10 hours ago

11 hours ago
i love you in men in black

12 hours ago
Will thanks for this 👍

12 hours ago
I came here from trendcrave

14 hours ago
True Legend

14 hours ago
TRAVEL THE WORLD, COME TO PAKISTAN PLEASE. I love you and your movies! I used to watch them with my dad and we bonded over your movies. You're such an inspiration to me and you always make me happy, specially fresh Prince!

15 hours ago
This is awesome, love Will and Arnold, hope they do a movie together one day! :D Great Arnold impression too, Will!

17 hours ago
Will, run for president.

18 hours ago
I loved Bright, wish it was a series

18 hours ago
Can you confirm or deny that you are bisexual? Even your wife has said things on video that suggest you also love the well as several black actors in hollywood....just curious, it seems like you promote gender confusion with your own children...

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