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INSTALLING THE PETABYTE - Server Room Upgrade Vlog
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 10 months ago


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We got a PETABYTE worth of drives from Seagate and some badass enclosures from 45Drives... let's get 'em installed.

Buy Seagate ECAP 10TB drives on Amazon:

Learn more about the 45Drives Storinator:

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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
and i thought a 1tb hdd was good for my pc..

4 hours ago
10:57 no a didn't put my camera away

7 hours ago
i don't know about tech but your a nice guy

8 hours ago
I loove it LOL

1 day ago
11:37 😑 Notice on that door "Stop.Did you put away your fliming equipment? "

😑 Linus you shouldn't break your rules

1 day ago
1:20 Handle with care... or as Linus read the message... "Vibrate across concrete floor"... Love it... :)

2 days ago
4:48 :))

2 days ago
You should get the chair for wearing sandals and socks.

2 days ago
And people still don't know why RAM is so pricey...

2 days ago
oh man the socks with the sandals

3 days ago
can it be used for external storage for Xbox one LOOOL :D

3 days ago
How much porn does Linus store? That he needs this kinda storage

3 days ago
Thank you for saving Justines life

4 days ago
What are those on your feet ffs :<

4 days ago
nice team

4 days ago
Jaký operační systém má ten server nebo přes jaký program ho ovládáte?

What operating system does the server have or what program do you control?

5 days ago
5:42 beep boop

5 days ago
ESD! ESD everywhere!!

5 days ago
3:42 socks and sandals

5 days ago
mining bitcoin rig perhaps?

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