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Most Controversial Calls of the 2018 NFL Season
   Highlight Heaven
  Published: 2 weeks ago


Note: Controversial does not necessarily mean bad calls. It means most talked about. So these calls/moments were heavily debated after they happened. Comment some more for part 2.

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(All rights go to ESPN, Fox, CBS, Universal Music Group, the NFL, NBA, NCAA & its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only)
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Comments Directly on YouTube

35 minutes ago
Why don't they just give QBs in the NFL flag football belts?

1 hour ago
Racists refes

1 hour ago
Should definitely do a part 2

2 hours ago
Roughing the passer need to be changed and reviewable.

4 hours ago
Every Steelers game

9 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks that that hit on big Ben was the only call that made sense in this whole Viedo?

11 hours ago
9:19 No flag on that offensive linemen choking that dude?

11 hours ago
Dear Steelers fans- no one cares. Browns fans have no sympathy. Refs screwed us on 3 losses

11 hours ago
Browns have gotten screwed so much this year

13 hours ago
That last one on Eric Reid was bs, you can tell Ben threw his neck like that, and that Steelers guard literally assaulted Reid under his helmet on his chin after the play and didn’t get called

14 hours ago
11:16 flopping so hard

14 hours ago
The second PI on joe Haden vs the saints looked like a PI, he grabbed his arm

15 hours ago
e x p e r i e n c e d r e f e r e e s

16 hours ago
12:30 goedert also gets hit in the head so double screwed

17 hours ago
Nick Foles face mask?

17 hours ago
refs were pretty horrendous this season

18 hours ago
The Steelers don't make it into the playoffs for 1 year and make the biggest excuse.

19 hours ago
8:12 that was pass interference your retarded

20 hours ago
Saints got away with so much bullshit this season. Thank god they aren’t skilled enough to win the Super Bowl

22 hours ago
As a Steelers fan it’s been a rough year with these referees..

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