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Is Your Gaming Rig Being Bottlenecked??
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 7 months ago


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Everyone hates bottlenecks. It’s a common question on our forums to ask whether a part will be a bottleneck… But what does a bottleneck even look like, and how can you avoid one?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
Is my rig bottlenecked? RTX 2070 Turbo, i5 8600k

12 hours ago
My window boot in 5.7 seconds how to fast boot 🤔😑😒😔

23 hours ago
people who disliked didnt understand The Bottleneck issue still

1 day ago

1 day ago
What about i56600k with gtx1080 ftw evga. Monitor is aoc 2k 75hz.

2 days ago
Is my rig bottlenecked?

Ryzen 3 2200g
Radeon RX 560
Asus tuf b450
16gb 3000mhz ram

2 days ago
I5 8400 rtx 2070 8x 2666 is it good?

3 days ago
When you own an FX-6350... :(

3 days ago
I have question the CPU i3 7100 good with gtx 1060 6 gb

4 days ago
i have a ryzen 3 1200 and a strix 1070 hahahaha no joke

4 days ago
Gtx 1050ti 4gb and pentium e5200 , I can play pubg mobile in low !
Gonna download some more ram

5 days ago
i got a rx 560 and a fx-6300 it sucks

5 days ago
Where is the gamers nexus t-shirt from the thumbnail???

7 days ago
Is it of if i pair ryzen 3 1200 or ryzen 3 1300x with RX570?? Please reply someone expert... Thank you

7 days ago
I have an rtx 2070 with an AMD fx 8150 8 core, csgo runs at 60 - 90 ultra at 1440p I feel like I should be getting more, am I being bottlenecked?

1 week ago
Hi, i'm using a CORE 2 quad Q9400 with nVidia GT 710 2gb DDR5 ... which is the best GPU can buy to max out performance?? GT 1030 will be a right choice? I usually play 720 or 1080p games

1 week ago
How about the motherboard? Does that matter?

1 week ago
I5 6500 OC 4.2 Ghz
2x 8g DDR4 2400mhz OC 2600mhz

Where is the bottleneck?

1 week ago
Bottleneck: you can run but you cant hide. 😁

1 week ago
gtx 1060 3gb with i5-2500K would that be good for fortnite 120-140fps?

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