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This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 weeks ago


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When 8th gen Intel Core launched, the need for a new chipset was in doubt from the outset. ONDA certainly doubted it... But did they stop to ask if they should?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
Puts core i7 8700k and RTX 2080 Ti into $55 sketchy Chinese mother board. 🤔

5 hours ago
You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

21 hours ago
Anthony is the man.

1 day ago
Blippi, where did your glasses go?

1 day ago
I'll bet your sponsor loved "who was it again"...

2 days ago
My Boy looks High as shit....I'm subbing

2 days ago
I wish I had a better pc

My laptop even crashes on minecraft :(

2 days ago
Did you consider that such small mainboards often just support single channel ram? Maybe it isn't DDR3 but single channel vs dual channel. @linustechtips

2 days ago
I hate intel for this product marketing, I bought 1150 PC 4 years ago, and now this is very dead socket. My next PC will be on ryzen, event amd CPUs in not so effective in gaming.

2 days ago
Brings back memories of using AMD K6 500 in intel Pentium 100 mainboards and XP-TMC Adapter Socket's, so your saying I can upgrade while still using my old DDR3 RAM , wow :P

3 days ago
Bought my wife an ONDA tablet years ago. Loved it till she drove over it. Busted screen... Cheaper to buy a new one than fix the old. Plus for the same price I got a better one. Didn't have any real performance issues with it except some things were in Chinese, and wouldn't switch to English

3 days ago
Linus is the Tim Tailor of the PC world... he does not really know what he does (i know he knows a lot but sometimes he made some noob actions) but he is funny :D

4 days ago
for the last time its NOT CINNABENCH!!! ITS SYNE BENCH!!!

4 days ago
I think the spontaneous fire would have been more fantastic

4 days ago
Is this just a Bios limitation that Intel has put in place to increase chipset revenue? Vrm temps should have been checked and an overclock should have been tried. I wish I knew how to make a modded Bios file for my Asus Z170I Pro Gaming ITX motherboard. It would be nice to use an 8th or 9th gen processor with the motherboard that I already own.

4 days ago
+ a hidden chip to hack your bank account information

5 days ago
This is damn dope for a testbench test 6-7-8th gen gpu's with cheap ddr3

5 days ago
Linus (jokingly) complaining about a $55 board but spends thousands on gpus, cpus, and ludicrous monitors lol

5 days ago
That board would be really good for a streaming PC. Has the perfect expand-ability for a GPU and capture card. Would probably do well in small form factor cases as well.

5 days ago
And the Thermal ?

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