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This Chinese Motherboard Shows Intel LIED...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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When 8th gen Intel Core launched, the need for a new chipset was in doubt from the outset. ONDA certainly doubted it... But did they stop to ask if they should?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

17 hours ago
onda is actually a decent brand. i had a 1050ti that was pretty good

22 hours ago
I've run a few Xeon quad core CPUs in desktop socket 775 motherboards.

2 days ago
The one single person on youtube that looks and sounds like james willems' brother often saying sky's the limit...

Jimmy Hollywood vibes everywhere, dear god

4 days ago
Linus is so dumb.

4 days ago
The whole PC industry starts with Chinese-Taiwanese manufacturers(ASUS,Gigabytes etc) making counterfeit motherboards to make "IBM PC-compatibles".
So this Intel-compatible mobo just follows the ancient tradition.

4 days ago
is anthony mentally challenged? talking fast and throwing in some buzzwords does not make a knowledgeable technician.

5 days ago
you assistant is sexy and he needs to know

6 days ago
Ddr3...I remember when that was revolutionary lol...

6 days ago
I paid $40 CAD after taxes for my Gigabyte LGA1151 8 GPU Mining board lol. RIP.

6 days ago
When Linus pronounces SATA two different ways

6 days ago
Anthony is the brains. That guy is one big badass brain.

7 days ago
So biggest problem I have with this video is I had no reference point for the benchmark scores. 345fps in CSGO? Okay... is that good? Bad? What would we expect from this same CPU if we ran it on a board with DDR4 support? Why the shock at the Cinebench scores - are they better than expected? I have no idea what to read from those figures.

2 weeks ago
Windows start menu fucks me all day like that! Lol

2 weeks ago
For a computer repair shop it's an excellent piece of tech to test used CPU's. I'll be looking at grabbing a couple - thx for the tip :)

2 weeks ago
Not only h310, even h110 you can find bios through Taobao cost 4$ about to support 8th Gen CPU. Also, there is DDR3 available.

2 weeks ago
The board should be amp 2400 ready

2 weeks ago
What was Linus updating at 9:04?

2 weeks ago
Backwards compatibility is and always WAS possible!! The reason Intel lied is just like everyone else's .. The more compatibility available, the less hardware sales made. Simple.

2 weeks ago
5.1 sound? its just stereo sound Linus...

2 weeks ago
Hi Linus. Interesting topic. However, the camera is not steady and smooth because I feel dizzy watching the video. Please go back to your previous way of shooting videos. Thank you.

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