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If I Paid for This, I'd be PISSED...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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The Red Hydrogen One took forever to build, is insanely expensive, and already is outdated... Can its camera possibly be good enough for it to compete with other flagship phones?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 minutes ago

20 minutes ago
So its crap?

1 hour ago

1 hour ago
What a dopey piece of hardware, looks like they made the mistake of trying to please everyone, instead of making a cellphone specifically geared towards what an Assistant Camera or DP would want. Just something that is built like a tank and has a screen close to a reference monitor, so it can be used for a quick and dirty "video village", improvised slate, mini hand-held monitor when doing run and gun with a smaller RED camera setup, etc.

2 hours ago
"You know when you're at a friend's house and--"
No, Linus. No I don't.

2 hours ago
i prefer the HYDROGEN ones camera tbh

2 hours ago
Can't they add a RAW thing to it ? That is a shame if the camera is good. They should put them in all phones tbh.

4 hours ago
Brandon should have made the review, would have been more detailed probably longer, and it would have made sense.

5 hours ago
in short, another overpriced, low grade phone

5 hours ago
No, actually I was gonna ask about the comment question of the day

7 hours ago
Not only is it a horrible phone. But the photo of the eiffel tower at night is illegal. Look it up.

8 hours ago
It's because the cameras aren't Red sensors. They're Sony.

11 hours ago

12 hours ago
You gonna piss mkbhd off !!

14 hours ago
it's crap. Get a Microsoft Lumia. Way better and literally 1/100th of the price.

16 hours ago
i think galaxy still op.

18 hours ago
8:24 he actually managed to capture the video effect on camera, nice!

18 hours ago

19 hours ago
Just go with the $100 tankxtream pro

19 hours ago
Did anyone notice at 5:53 the Samsung picture had the door open.

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