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If I Paid for This, I'd be PISSED...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


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The Red Hydrogen One took forever to build, is insanely expensive, and already is outdated... Can its camera possibly be good enough for it to compete with other flagship phones?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

33 minutes ago
If you want to be even more disappointed in this phone, watch the jerry rig everything breakdown video of this phone.

2 hours ago
@6:40 vtec just kicked in yo!

15 hours ago
My god pixel 3 shots are amazing tho

2 days ago
HTC EVO 3D ..was neat but just a gimmick.

3 days ago
I saw another review of this phone, and believe they said the 3D effect on the phone is a lot like the 3DS.

3 days ago
I don't know if it's cool or sad that at this point in time the main selling points of a phone are how well it can play video games, music and take pictures and not on the quality of making phone calls. Doesn't anyone use anything that way it was made for anymore? Now if you'll excuse me, after i'm done writing on the internet with a phone, gonna go break out the typewriter and listen to some old music albums.

3 days ago
If anything, this video made me want a pixel 3. Holy shit that camera is badass

3 days ago
The 3D sound is meant to be enjoyed on psychedelics - duh

4 days ago
So 2011...

5 days ago
thanks for using metric

6 days ago

6 days ago
1,300 dollars for a android phone? WHAT

7 days ago
2:30 Apple leaves the chat

1 week ago
But you did pay for it

1 week ago
Youre slowly turning into Micheal Bolton

1 week ago
the new HTC is a masterpiece compared too all those phones

1 week ago
The 3ds had better holographic technology

1 week ago
6:00 Is that the Draper mormon temple?

1 week ago
.16 pounds heavier...... generation snowflake....

1 week ago
Damn Linus, you're a image quality snob. That's a -1 for you man. It's a phone...

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