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If I Paid for This, I'd be PISSED...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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The Red Hydrogen One took forever to build, is insanely expensive, and already is outdated... Can its camera possibly be good enough for it to compete with other flagship phones?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
Linus ftw,, almost drops phone after video lol

4 days ago
So, like a 3DS but with practically zero support, huh?

4 days ago
This is unacceptable it only has two selfie cameras we need seven hundred million

5 days ago
Looks like Sony Xperia.

6 days ago
This phone is for Red fanboys/fangirls, because they're the only one who can forgive these horrific shortcomings.

1 week ago
The True Kamera Quality Of The Hydrogen One

1 week ago
your hand got tired when holding this phone? come on guy - time to put on your big boy pants

2 weeks ago
While this may have been a huge disappointment, especially given the company and their reputation, I really hope they try again after knowing exactly what not to do in a second generation. Doesn't hurt to have more competition out there, after all.
Thanks for the review.

2 weeks ago
6:39.....VTEC kicked in, yo

2 weeks ago
These types of videos are definitely targeted towards insider consumers...serious filmmakers, etc...because most of this...I just don’t get. Most of the photos that were shown just looked “good” all around. If I saw them individually, I might’ve said, “Oh, that’s nice.” But that’s because I’m the average consumer. So, again, cool video, but I’m def not the target audience for this type of video. It is a cool looking phone, though. :)

2 weeks ago
That’s very educational

3 weeks ago
What a segway! 9:20

3 weeks ago
It’s funny how RED produces some of the worlds best and industry leading cinema cameras but they built a phone with the screen yanked straight off a 3DS

4 weeks ago
Didn't know cameras have VTEC

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
I love how seemingly there is no real case for that phone, so you're basically forced to use it naked; there just isn't even the option to put on a case, even if you wanted to...

4 weeks ago
cross dressing Linus XD

4 weeks ago
well, you bought the camera, so in a sense you did pay for that phone, in that you paid the company to develop it thought the profits on camera sales, so all the millions that went into that phone could have went into lower pricing or better camera R&D, so everyone that bought that phone thanks you for helping develop it.

4 weeks ago
Was horrible experience

1 month ago
What is with the pictures of an LDS temple?

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