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Worst Day Ever - Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

19 hours ago
Cry baby

6 days ago
its fine if u cant find lost footage
im happy with this

1 week ago
Going from the iPhone 7 Plus to this beast is like escaping North Korea...

FREEDOM !!!!!!!

3 weeks ago
Only the battery needs 3 Amp bigger

3 weeks ago
I just now realized you sound exactly like Michael Scott

3 weeks ago
just bought an s9+ unlocked refurb on newegg for $519 im not spending $1,000 on a fucking cell phone ill replace in 2 years or less. plus, if your gaming on your cell phone...urdoinitrong...thats what gaming pcs and consoles are for...sorry but angry birds, clash of clans, and candy crush are not worth my time, and especially for $1,000 pricepoint.

3 weeks ago
Don't cry we're here.

4 weeks ago
Compare Galaxy Home vs Google Home vs Siri and Alexa

4 weeks ago
Who else didn't care about the review and focused on the hot Secretary

4 weeks ago
Watching on my Note 4...that Note 9 looks mighty nice!
I'm not a watch wearer...but those new digi watches are looking much better. Always said "when they can replicate many of a Tricorders capabilities I'll get one"
Yeah Star Trek...
Sure I'll be too old to read tbe darn thing by the time that comes about.
Too bad about the luggage thing Linus 🤕

4 weeks ago
Brandon's sexiness made this video...

1 month ago
Watching this on my Note 9 512gb.

1 month ago

1 month ago
8:58 😂😂😂

1 month ago
do the watch!

1 month ago
I know I am way late in the comments due to being behind in my video feed. but that watch looks dope.

1 month ago
sexy? you get aroused by these pocket computers?

1 month ago
Could careless about Samsung.... The note 9 just feels like a remake of the S9 like Austin Evans said....

1 month ago

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