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Worst Day Ever - Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 week ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
This is my first encounter with this YouTuber. Immediately he started actually talking about the phone I was impressed.

1 hour ago
After being so unhappy with Apple for the past year/two I'm selling my Macbook pro and building a custom pc, I have an iPhone 7, iPad mini, and Apple watch that I will be selling for this new phone! I'm excited now after seeing the Galaxy 9! I only hope I can get used to Android and especially Windows because I still like the design of OSX but it runs terribly.. And this $2500 Macbook Pro has $900 in repairs after just 2 years of having it, so pathetic!

2 hours ago
Dropped a like for your sheet day👍

2 hours ago
Still a Samsung. I have a Note 8. Hate it. POOP.

2 hours ago
Love you bro

3 hours ago
Review the new gear please

3 hours ago
Good video

4 hours ago
My note 3 is bigger.
I have extra batteries.
And no Bixby to take up space and ram.
I'm not going to a smaller phone.👎

8 hours ago
When are you going to get back to PC stuff I'm about to unsub you.

11 hours ago
Hope you found your luggage :(

12 hours ago
👍Brandon this is for you 👍

14 hours ago
U got buzzard luck...

14 hours ago

16 hours ago
The fucking vessel tshirt 😂

18 hours ago
Still waiting for that full razer blade 15 review......

19 hours ago
Linus looks stressed...but do you know what can help with stress getting PIA and not needing to be stressed about being tracked online.

23 hours ago
Linus i just wanna say that you are truely amazing. Most talented tech "guy" on youtube.

1 day ago
I can already see the whole broken displays

1 day ago
0:54 It would be terrible if someone found me searching for the adult cure for gmail.

1 day ago
8:56 What are you doing

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