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Worst Day Ever - Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

10 hours ago
Can't wait to hear your impressions on the Galaxy 10. That phone is sexy looking. Hoping it's not garbage. -- Anyway, if it wasn't for the G10 I would have gotten this phone. I hope when you finally got home you took some time to just chill after that experience.

3 days ago
S Club 7

1 week ago
I bet the 4k dislikes on this videos are note 9 fanboys who got triggered and thought you might have anything bad to say about the note 9

1 week ago
I like you ~~~

2 weeks ago
did he took his 400$ SD Card with him?

2 weeks ago
You refuse to call it waterproof lol this is terrible but i would wash my note9 and s8 in the sink i kid you not not advising you do this but i did with no problems

3 weeks ago
Its design damn lit🔥🔥

3 weeks ago
wheres the original thumbnail

4 weeks ago
Why does anyone need this, you can do all the same stuff minus the stylus features on a galaxy s7

4 weeks ago
Linus sexier. 😍😍😍

1 month ago
Sorry but if anyone I vote thumbs up for Linus being SEXY 😃👍

1 month ago
So....It's a tablet?

1 month ago
Phones can not be something that is between a married man and woman. The note 9 like every other curved phone and those with glass backs are UGLY and slippery and unnatural hold. As long as reviewers give these ugly terrible phones false positive reviews they will never make the gorgeous and sweet to hold flat screen. INFINTY DISPLAY ARE THE WORST DESIGN.

2 months ago
Worst day ever? All we need now is for Levi to make bugger pockets!!

2 months ago
Samsung's the sexiest phone...? HTC and Apple laughing at corner....

2 months ago
Darn...alll-glass electronic device in Linus's hands...
Expecting a fallow-up video about how he managed to destroy it 😁

2 months ago

2 months ago
That wasn't bad, that was the worst day, ever. Will there be a video about the trip?

2 months ago
GALAXY WATCH REVIEWWWWWW I really want to know more about them!

2 months ago
The Motorola bionic was cool with its full linux based desktop. I still have mine!

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