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Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt. 3 - NO INTERNET
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 7 months ago


Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this series of Scrapyard Wars!
Get their new Nintendo Switch skins at

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

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Comments Directly on YouTube

14 hours ago
Why was luke so worried about saving money on a GPU when he literally had 1700 dollars?....

23 hours ago
I dont understand why they buy those shit parts when they have 2000$!!

1 day ago
15:23 welcome is spelled wrong 😂

5 days ago
every thing is good in scrapyard wars except that lady who has eyed dug deep into Nintendo rather than on road. thats really bothered me in this whole Series(SW:7). otherwise its great to find a conclusion that internet in developed country has made normal just asking for direction an embarrasing stuff . as in india if i need like these parts i have a place full of these stores and scrap yards where just go in and look for what they have and if you feel like just get them i did that and got a system which is a laptop : HP G4 1303 AU probably in 2014 worth 6000 Rupees and just bougth an HDD for it. and another system which is only Tower block consist of Amd A10-7700K , 8GB DDR3 1600-1866MHZ, Thermaltake VM something 3.0 usb Case, and Brand new Asus A88XM-A motherboard for a grand total of 22000/- Rupees+ 6500/- for R7250 so total for 28500/- and its still running 1080P Gaming low to medium and its good to play on that machine. and Love this show by the way.

5 days ago
Am I the only one who's finding painful to watch Linus strugle with this lease return company? Damn, I'm watching this like third time and I just skip the parts where he negotiates with them.

6 days ago
The best kind of shop owners or sellers are those that think the buyer has to act on their whim.
Like ya ill buy your stuff when you are acting like an ass.
I love em.

6 days ago
It's just not what we do

1 week ago
Who the fuck is that chick that is just in the background playing switch as if she was scripted to be there

1 week ago
How are people annoyed with her like she's just standing there, silently playing a switch LOL she's not disrupting anything and it's pretty funny product placement

1 week ago
Why is there a cute ass asian chick in the background of most of these clips?

1 week ago
The product placements is part of what pays for the video, so if you want the content it is part of the price you have to pay instead of with actual money. if you want the product then they get payment for their investment in the show, if not lets hope some does so he continues to get support. However, to complain about product placement in a free show with very few ad breaks is just bad behavior.

1 week ago
And there we have it the girl with switch with Luke

2 weeks ago
what's the deal with the girl always playing her game in the bacK?

2 weeks ago
That product placement girl is seriously super annoying. I'd consider buying Dbrand for my switch, but not anymore. Good job guys. It's like movies that have brand advertisement in them, it's just a complete turnoff for me :/

2 weeks ago
Linus seems to have the same counting problem as King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

2 weeks ago
Came from Geep lol

2 weeks ago
it looks like the girl playing nintendo is Easter Egg lol

2 weeks ago
Yessss, cute switch girl is back 😆

3 weeks ago
Anyone else notice the ghost of the asian lady playing on a Nintendo Switch who keeps appearing behind both contestants?

3 weeks ago
No internet, and Linus using fb messenger? whut?

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