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Things That Husband and Wife Should Not Do
  Published: 7 months ago


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❱ Speaker: Sheikh Navaid Aziz
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1 day ago
Repeat repeat. I'm confused. He spent that long repeating. If ur married god allows anything but adultery

2 days ago
No one is going to tell me I can't get fucked in my ass by my man.

3 days ago
Half the video he spent repeating himself 😂

3 days ago
ok i like the info here, but they really seriously need to do away with the motivational scenes (waterdrop in a lake, etc) and the backhround synth line. i feel like im at a tony robbins/free willy seminar. islam should be taken more seriously. also he is redundant and sounds nervously trying to convince us. allah needs no mainstream propaganda.

4 days ago
I'm not a muslim, but I agree with the aspect of being respectful towards each other. I'm a Christian, but I believe in both giving to each other.

4 days ago
Ma sha Allah. Such a beautiful message.👌😊

4 days ago
Hello . my husband doesn't likes intimacy . I have had conversation with him . but he is still same . what should I do wen I have urge

4 days ago

4 days ago
Allah has prohibited intimacy through the anus.
"""" I just can't stop laughing"""

5 days ago
Is oral allowed?

5 days ago
Sad that most people misinterpret these rules as oppression. In actuality, these rules are just watching out for people's hygenic safety and dignity. Peace to all, and to each their own.

6 days ago
That was beautiful!

6 days ago
FUCK honestly if islam wasnt this strict maybe you wouldnt rape animals and children.

6 days ago
you all are sad, sad people.. honestly what the fuck. he literally said that the man can force the woman to fulfill his urge and the woman shouldnt say no. wtf. and this is coming from a person who is from a muslim country. and i know that islam is harmful to people, to society.

7 days ago
For women it is not about completion?😂
That's just because men most of the times don't let them get "the greatest amount of pleasure" because they can't last that long... But that doesn't mean that women don't have the urge for "completion" and can't get "the greatest amount of pleasure".
I can get "completion" 8 times in an hour... Benefits from being with a woman...

1 week ago
I'd just like to add.. Women LOVE finishing their intimacy with an orgasm. It's not just about experiences out to dinner etc. But actually engaging them experientially whilst being intimate, to an orgasm, is greatly admired too..

1 week ago
I was thinking he's going to say no to Orel sex feww what a relief I go on my day know

1 week ago
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1 week ago
This brought tears to my eyes...I agree with all u said...

1 week ago
Doesn't tell us anything new. The Quran is not like the Bible. The Quran is a recital. The text was always meant to be an aide memoire. The original Quran was in the hearts of the hafez, the memorizers. The narrator is very sophisticated but the content is ...stupid.

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