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Lady Who Only Spoke From The Quran ᴴᴰ | *True Story* | Mufti Saiful Islam
  Published: 4 years ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

20 hours ago
May allah grant this beautiful woman a place un jannat al firdause and the rest of the muslim ummah. Ameen

4 days ago
hahahaha I am so amused of stories about islam. The thing most amusing is that islam portrays stories of fantasy and then muslims go shout "subnallah" and "mashallah." These people are ignorant. They could not even discern that the stories are nonsense like this one here. Even a fourth grader in the western world would laugh at their stories and not give them much importance. That is how backward islam is. Everything about islam is an abomination. Sadly, many innocent muslims have been victimized and should know the lies of islam.

6 days ago
Everything was so doubtful and suspicious in this story. I wonder who might be that woman. Can anyone tell me about this woman. Ameen. thumma ameen. May allah blesses every muslim brothers and sisters

6 days ago
Subhan Allah

1 week ago
What an annoying woman :D

2 weeks ago
Mashaallah. Very good story, but ‘women’ is plural, ‘woman’ is singular.

2 weeks ago
Masha Allah!

3 weeks ago

1 month ago
Allahuakbar SubhanAllah tabarakAllah May Allah bless her and guide us too yarrab make easy for your beautiful words اللهم اجعلنا أهل القران ❤️📖

1 month ago
Life goals!!

1 month ago
This story عجيب. ! Literally brought tears to my eyes!!!

1 month ago
Allah akbar

1 month ago
The problem is she was trying something other than the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
1. She was making things unnecessarily hard for her
2. She won't be able to read even the masnun Dua from sahih hadith
3. She wouldn't be able to (mostly) say anything during period.
4. She was unable to reply to salam according to the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), which as far I know is wajib.
4. Christians put constraints on themselves on not to marry. Allah Subhanawatayala says regarding this "... As for monasticism, it was invented by them; We did not ordain it for them, but (they adopted it) to seek Allah’s pleasure, then could not observe it as was due. So We gave the believers from among them their reward. And many of them are sinners."

I think her act can be described as gulu.
Allah Subhanawatayala knows best.

2 months ago
The companion was looking where he shouldn't have,.and was told to lower his gaze. I am sunni and I will always love ahlul bayt after the prophet, they had the best of teachings after nabi muhammad(SAW).

2 months ago
MachAllah 😢

2 months ago
Subhanallah! Subhanallah! Subhanallah! Subhanallah! Subhanallah! Subhanallah! Subhanallah! Subhanallah! Subhanallah!

2 months ago
That story blew me away but I wish I actually understood the words from the Quran even though I speak Arabic I can never fully understand the Quran I wish I could. Inshallah I will one day

2 months ago
SubhanALLAH, May ALLAH grant me someone like her. AAMMEENNN!

3 months ago
Mansha allah my allah swa guide us on the right path. Brothers and sisters I want to ask a question I have heard this story from abdul hamid kishk and it's somehow different can anyone tell me why? And which one is right. After all allah knows best

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