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Can you marry in Jannah ? The Detailed Descriptions of Jannah (Paradise)
   Bayyinah Production
  Published: 3 months ago


What Allah SWT promised the believers that they will achieve in Jannah , every desire every single request will be fulfilled in sha Allah.
All single details are divided into two pastes , about Jannah-Paradise.

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PLEASE NOTE: Any of the views expressed by the speakers do not necessarily represent the views of Bayyinah Production or any other projects it may have or intend to do. Bayyinah Production and it's affiliates do not advocate nor condone any unlawful activity towards any individual or community. May Allah purify my intentions, make it solely for his sake and forgive my short-comings. Ameen!
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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
May Allah Grant us Jannah , Ameen this astonishing descriptions of jannah.

4 days ago
We men are lucky af we gonna get so many hurain in jannah lol

5 days ago
when you lost hope of marrying in this world..... lol......

6 days ago
ALLAH is alive
ALLAH is true
ALLAH is good
ALLAH helps me
ALLAH knows
ALLAH looking
ALLAH is love
ALLAH think all
Allah give a good way
ALLAH give all needs things
ALLAH bless all
I love you ALLAH
Thank you so much ALLAH

6 days ago
So we are removed with free will? Because we don’t feel jealousy and hatred? We don’t have bad thoughts and ideas.
So does this mean we no longer have the free will we have in this world ?

1 week ago
Wait silk is haram? Why?

1 week ago
assalamu alaykom dear brothers and sisters, I have a very important question to ask you guys, if you inshallah end up in jannah but your husband or wife doesn't what happens then???

1 week ago
can anyone help me with the link of the next lecture, related to this video, where it is said that something special will be revealed in Jannah.

1 week ago
Whose the speaker please?

2 weeks ago
Who is the speaker

2 weeks ago
Asalamualaikum I have one question that didn't get answered in this video. What happens to a man (practicing muslim) if he dies without getting married in a young age. Does he get hoor al ayn as the wife or another single sister in the same situation in jannah? I loved this video btw. Alhamdulilah may Allah grant u and all brothers and sisters jannah.

3 weeks ago
لا تنسى قول :استغفر الله العظيم🗻
                  الحمد لله و الشكر لله🏡

1 month ago
So you people think that your supposed paradise is like a sort of have a mediocre philosophy

1 month ago
Mashallah beautiful lecture

1 month ago
Masha about woman are we marry

1 month ago
You are misleading the ummah with your own imagination and interpretation.

1 month ago
Yes you can marry in Jannah. Anyway do you know dowry? Answer me:
Tel: 00233500506761

1 month ago
The speaker is wrong when he said he'd finish describing the details of Jennah in the next lecture. "In Jennah there are things which the eye has never seen, the ear has never heard and the mind has never imagined."

He's also wrong about the women of Jennah. The hoor al ayn are not the women of Jennah. The women of Jennah are the women who struggled and toiled in this life. They're on a completely different and exalted level than the hoor al ayn. The hoor al ayn are humanoid creatures already waiting in Jennah. They resemble Japanese anime caricatures. All the beauty of a single peacock has been placed around just one of their eyes. Allahualem what the rest of them look like!

The real women of Jennah will feel no animosity or jealousy towards them because they understand that these creatures are not quite human. They can't understand or relate to what it means to be a human who went through this life. These creatures will have absolutely no interest in anyone but the man/woman they were created for. They are completely obsessed with and devoted to their human. Some weak narrations state each man will have 70 or 72 of them. My guess is many many more.

They are "untouched", meaning they were created in Jennah, for Jennah, and are just waiting (right now) for their assigned human to come to them. My guess is; just as every human has a palace created and waiting vacant for them in Jennah - yet some are never to be inhabited as the human has failed and is damned for eternity. Likewise every human (men and women) have a hoor al ayn waiting, yet because many humans who fail will never see them, maybe those extra hoor al ayn are to be assigned to those who succeed instead.

The number 70 in ancient Arabic was, as far as I know, just an expression to mean a lot. Allahualem. Makes sense as these heavenly creatures are very much sentient and emotional, unlike bricks and blocks of palaces which don't care if they are lived in or not. So it might not be befitting to leave those extra hoor al ayn lonely in the Kingdom of bliss. These creatures were created for the sole purpose of absolutely loving their human partner, they don't even look at anyone else. You have no idea. Their obsession, devotion and incredible love is something beyond words. It's their living and breathing purpose. The real women will have no jealousy of them, but they might have jealousy towards the real women.

For the sake of the higher levels of modesty that women have over men, information is limited and scarce about what real women get concerning hoor al ayn. I won't divulge what I know but can tell you there is an equivalent. The human reproductive organs are designed primarily for reproduction and secondarily for pleasure. The male and female humanoid hoor al ayn are designed primarily for pleasure and not at all for reproduction. I'll say no more, ladies.

Each man will have two spouses of the women of Jennah - the women who pass this test. Not necessarily their dunya wives either. Though in some (romantic) cases that will be the case.

A hadith mentions a man will spend forty years just gazing at his wife when he sees her for the first time in Jennah.

May Allah make us inhabitants in His Kingdom, ameen.

1 month ago
Can anyone tell me what it mean when you dream about; your real home is on the top from the Mountain and a prince who is a mail deliverer rings on your door and, when you open the window you see that his face is in the moon and he s also the mail deliverer and put a tree on your door and walk quickly away.

2 months ago
Where is the other part of the khotba that the shike talked about ?

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