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The GOLD DIGGER Bought Her SON a LEGENDARY House! - Roblox - Adopt Me UPDATE
  Published: 1 week ago


Roblox - Adopt Me - Im back on Adopt Me as a gold digger! My son wants all the new legendary toys, especially the legendary vehicle...the legendary traveling house! Hopefully, I can get the best house in adopt me!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
I took his wallet and stole his money >:D !!!
● Watch me backstab Ricky in a video we did on his channel! XD ►
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48 minutes ago

2 hours ago
Hi everyone! I made a comment about a week ago and I did not expect to get 122 likes!! :0 There were also some comments that were really mean so be nice everyone!! I don’t know how to edit on Mobile lol. Have an AMAZING day!! :D wow that was long

2 hours ago
Don’t brake up with ben

4 hours ago
Cam we be freinds on roblox

8 hours ago
I want a robux

15 hours ago
Soo jealous I really wanted this

15 hours ago
Baby mark know how to talk now I remember his first word it was mama

17 hours ago
She says where just spoiling him so much right now then BOOM she got it

20 hours ago

21 hours ago
zai who is mary

1 day ago
Lol it’s Ellie as mark

1 day ago
steal ALL his money and leave with mark but u can get mark if you want but you have to spend money so I wouldn’t if I were you

1 day ago
I saw you in a game while I was swatting people in the game My name was Troy

1 day ago
No be a good digger!

1 day ago
I got the French fries stroller we can trade so you can have the French fries stroller

1 day ago
Sepoeeeeeeeeeeeeeelde ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude

1 day ago
Ho plays mark

1 day ago
Hi You can stole his wallet and buy new expensive house from your self and leave Ben alone

1 day ago
Can I do a roplay with you?

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