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  Published: 2 weeks ago




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16 hours ago
God wont let them build at Mt. Sinai.

17 hours ago
Wow he just arrives and knocks our holy place down...😢

17 hours ago
Fearful sights in the sky......

20 hours ago
You really need to stop using suspenseful music at some parts I can't tell if it's just the scoring or if it's real audio now I just think all of it is added in post-production. But dont get me wrong i love your videos !

1 day ago
When powerful Zionist Christians become tired of waiting for prophecy according to futurist doctrine, they fullfill prophecies themselves.

1 day ago
Thanks for deleting my comment on 5G, whoever...

1 day ago
This channel is so useless. The click bait and the porn fear. Everyone watching this BS needs to stop and repent. Get your eyes off the screen and go spend some time with your family or better yet, read your bibles and stop following and trusting these "Christian truth seekers". Most of them are here for the $$ if you want real truth, check out the fullerton informer and remember to test everything anyone says and if they talk all fear and no hope. Just turn it off and walk away knowing no matter the chaos. God is in control. Jesus is the king of kings over every creature. Yes including satan, meaning satan serves Jesus.
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:31
“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

1 day ago
Isn’t Jeesus (I think that’s how it’s spelt) the one in the red coat and hat that brings presents to children and flys on a magic sleigh?

I get my fairytales mixed up, there are so many from childhood, I can’t remember them all.

2 days ago
The add sucks there are many old vids here...

2 days ago
These signs are warning to the neo jew crime mafia, so at least they cant appeal for not knowing, you cant lie through your whole HISTORY. NOT TO EVEN MENTION, STARTING WARS EVEN BEFORE THE WORLD WARS. Yes, the both world wars was started, organised and funded by the neo jews, to infect christian countries, with neo jew DISEASE. You didnt know!? Whole world label neo jews as COUNTRY ROTTING DISEASE, when they started to call Germany as a sick man of Europe. The sickness = The neo jews.

2 days ago
And jesus went with the pixies and the pink flying unicorns and they flew in the magic teapot to fairyland. - Enid Blyton’s Big Book Of Fairies, Chapter 3, Verse 5.

3 days ago
Double minded people, building a city that outshines in all respects N.Y.C. yet, they dress, act, and follow barbaric laws from the 7th Century.

3 days ago
everythimg that proves the Bible True they want to destroy

3 days ago
idiots like you should stay out of youtube

3 days ago
1:14 - Israel's Iron Dome shooting down missile fired from Gaza. what you see is the meeting of the projectiles :)

3 days ago
Ok first, in the Bible did it say after God flooded the earth that he would 1. Never flood the earth again or 2. That he would never destroy the earth? I. A believer in Christ Jesus but I do still struggle to understand why an all seeing all knowing and all powerful God would ever create such a horrific story to be lived out knowing how much pain and suffering there would be. How many innocent lives destroyed/ lost. How many beatings how many sexual assaults. Why if you have all that power would you create such a madman lunatic story knowing we as lil humans could do nothing but sit n suffer weather we lived good lives and believed like Job or weather we just were evil either way we suffer. He made his son to suffer and everyone else. He sits n watches and gets pleasure out of it all. And by faith we cling on to faith and yes we can easily be fooled and there is no refund when it comes to being tricked or robbed. Yet like We try our best to be like Job which I don't know how someone could think they are loved after so much suffering, and God what allowed Satan to get him to agree to what a test or a wager a fricken bet. What the hell who is the evilad man. The tail twists n twists. If you do good you are anti he still if you do evil you are real God. Wow!! I hold on to the thought of Christ Jesus as savior and Messiah to come in love e for those who suffered and deserved not and also comes to destroy such evil. Why did Lucifer rebel against God? What good reason did he have? Why did God create Lucifer if he knew all this to begin with? He knew we would never fight or beat such a thing. He knew only his son could but made his son suffer just to prove his love to him. I would never create it to begin with if I were such a perfect and almighty God and I could never sit n watch my own son be beaten just to prove his love to me, being g for ex to watch is one thing but Nobody can Control the almighty God. He is master amd creator of all things all powerful what a sick joke and what a pure evil. Who are we serving? Love me or hate. Mad scientist!!! Why place the snake in the garden to tempt Adam and Eve if He is all seeing and all knowing if He knew they would fail that's sick n wicked
Why would he punish everyone and make everyone there after suffer cause of those two again sick n twisted. I would never do that to anyone. I would if I am a loving God, create all things perfect from beginning and never create evil to begin with. We are all brainwashed fools and idiots then poisoned and duped from the beginning. Kidnappers and abusers beat torment rape and kill innocent people and children and their supposed to go to jail or prison or be sentenced to death. We aren't ever allowed to question God or challenge Him on anything we can't hold Him accountable he just get to do as he wishes n pleases which was to create a sick twisted tail of sadistic torment pain and suffering and oh so many ways to face death. Wow sounds like the movie SAW so everyone from victims to rest of world should worship and love such a monster. One who torments evil people who decide of their own free will to torture others should have this happen to them yes. But why I ask if you are such a good and Loving God with power cause you created everything that exists why create it to begin with if there was no evil no temptation we would never know sin and all would be beautiful all would be perfect love. So my point is what the hell are we doing? Why are we serving such a monster who is the real evil who is Satan or Lucifer the liar the twister I just don't understand this foolishness!! This brainwashed control system and suicide type of programming!! Destined for torment chaos death amd destruction. No time to flip the tables and cast out and away from us this evil. Yes I still like the story of who and what Christ Jesus was yet evil beat him down and tried to kill him but he didn't die from them but He gave Up Himself ( Self Sacrifice ) not rest of the world sacrifice. Evil was from the beginning and after Christ gave himself as a sacrifice as I would do for my children and ones I claim I love. Then Satan ran a much and stole, tortured and killed people anyway ever since. So you say enough is enough time to cut the crap and end this madness and get rid of and destroy all wicked and evilness everywhere. Hold these evil men and their evil weapons and warfare and finally have a world of love as is should be. But wait man has destroyed the air we breathe and the water by their chemicals and weapons. They trigger and destroy with their weapons and technology. The Rob rape and steal so time to pay up?? Pay back for all that has been taken and lost. If this makes me wrong or evil your brains are puddy and mush and can never be helped or reached cause you are to far gone to dumb and to blind to see or know the difference where you call evil good and good evil. Satanic twisting and manipulating brain washed. It's called Stalkholm sydrome and the world is suffering from it!! Who needs a psyc eval.? HMMMM tell me who!! Now let us see all the intelligent comments show them true colors!! Make this go viral. I may not have been born perfect I have also like other suffered many losses of money possessions and beatings and injuries all against my will but I do know what Love is and what love I not!! I choose to strive after the one who came to live and to heal others before I destroy them. I do admit I hate evil and wish to defend everyone from all forms of evil and yes those I would gladly destroy. What is evil about this who has got this or me twisted here? Answer me people? Go ahead repost this everywhere cause I wanna know your true hearts and thoughts!! Write it down take a picture repost repost repost cause I wanna know!! Time for Good to be called Good and evil to be called evil!! Enough this is what arouses my furious anger , it's called ignorance, stupidity!!! Oh you foolish worldthat does not get this and this who do but still don't care . People still trash talk the man Christ Jesus weather he was real or a simple story either way the point is how can anyone degrade his character except the anger or hate come from those who would create a lie period. I say let Good make Manifest out of the story weather is was fake or not and let this who would create a lie just to have power and Control over others be in shock and awe that it backfired in their faces and Christ the real savior and Messiah came to pass and judged them and placed all the plagues the made up or wrote about gets placed on them and not the rest. They will suffer along with all men and their weapons of warfare their evil technologies and DISFUNCTIONAL malfunctioning computers and equiptment and let the rest of us remain with only things that are good and let everyone and everything from the beginning of time to present be healed and restored and allow a barrier or gate that never ever allows evil enter in again. We won't need any walls it will be an invisible barrier that just know evil and stops it from ever entering in. Go now send this out!! Remove all lies destroy All that is evil, into the lake of fire. Burn baby burn. This is called truth and Justice. Why wait why delay do it now quickly. You got screws loose if you think what I've said here is evil or of Antichrist anti Christ is all that oppose the though of Christ the Christ of love amd healing Antichrist and All that is evil are those who hate good And live evil. No no no the true Christ is love and dislike hate and evil. True definition of terrorist is to instill fear anxiety and distrust. This is evil and it's time to turn the tables on all that is evil and all that is of terror. Bottom Line,The end...forever Begin!! Hoo- Yah !! ( Who- Yah?)yes Yah!! Yahushua YAHOSHUA YAHWEH HE'S THE ONE WHO GIVE YOU REST AFTER A HARD DAY A HARD LIFE!! YESHUAH HA'MESHIACH!! THATS WHO!! THE GREAT I AM BINDING ALL EVIL FROM BEGINNING TO NOW AND HERE ON. AGAIN LET THIS GO VIRAL NOT CAUSE I DONT CARE BUT BECAUSE I DO!!! GET IT RIGHT!!!

4 days ago
This sort of ‘for the advertising revenue’ stuff for the gullible religious nutters is so funny. We hope they get their ‘rapture’ and they are then put out of their misery so that the rest of us can continue to move forwards with the bright amazing future and make many discoveries.

I am concerned that over the last 10,000 years the earth has been unusually quieter and calmer than ever before?

4 days ago

4 days ago
2:38 no thats not a building it is a bonfire on the beach near was a bit to big looking in hindsight...

4 days ago
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