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A case WORTHY of a $100,000 PC?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

5 hours ago
The people who would buy this are the very same people who own apple products.

7 hours ago
like... e Sub..

7 hours ago
Hi Guys Im Building a pc and have a question what power supply should i use for this build? And please if there are some compatibility issues etc please do tell me or if you have a opinion on the hardware, just dont mind the rest of the components i do have those already, Thanks Guys!

8 hours ago
3:18 Merry Christmas!

11 hours ago

13 hours ago

17 hours ago
i am like to see how fast it is so where is part 2

18 hours ago
Your thumbnail looks like you're trying to hold a giant 3d printer by yourself.

1 day ago
Sounds like steam escaping

1 day ago
alt title: how to build a PC death star XD

1 day ago
I thought a $10,000 PC was a bit too much. Now that I'm watching this, I don't see how you could be anymore overkill.

1 day ago
Guys i want to build gaming pc, which build is better
1. Gtx 1060 3 gb
I3 8100

2. Gtx 1050 ti
I5 4460

1 day ago
According to ur camera 144p is 1080 p Xd

1 day ago
She never said that LMAO

1 day ago
umm... hey Linus you know they make box cutters...Right?

2 days ago
Hey Linus what I think you should do is RGB that bad boy up and make it look cool as shit.

2 days ago

2 days ago
poor linus so weak he cant even rip some tape

2 days ago
Nice Microwave bro

2 days ago
I think the oven behind you would make a nice computer case. It would have it's own hinged glass and metal door too. And when you did something amazing on that PC you could say, "Now, we're cookin' !"

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