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A case WORTHY of a $100,000 PC?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 8 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
Linus, have you ever heard of a Leatherman multitool?? You will be blown away by its versatility and box opening capabilities!!

3 days ago
What motherboard is that

4 days ago
Aaaaahh hahahaha. Bent your key. I've opened thousands of boxes with my keys, but never with such enthusiasm. I really like your channel. Weeelll, I think I dig you yourself, Linus. Cheers.

4 days ago
But can it run PUBG

6 days ago
I find your lack of cable management disturbing

1 week ago
But can it run minesweeper

1 week ago
lol rip

1 week ago
omg you struggled with lifting that box off the case for so long lmao. At least you didn't drop it tho.

2 weeks ago
i see green memory and think thats must of cost a lot for like 12 sticks

2 weeks ago
Can you play soliter without lag gggggggg :D

2 weeks ago
A fuckin GTX Titan Z?

4 weeks ago
You know who else clearly wasn't living in 2018? Caselabs.

4 weeks ago
I can rarely take Linus seriously knowing what is on his feet at all times.

4 weeks ago
0:54 poor mobo

4 weeks ago can basically live in these cases. At least if you play with a gamin laptop. Ot maybe you can fill one case side with pc components and sit in the other one.

4 weeks ago
i know a lot about inside computer tech, too bad i cant afford one myself.

1 month ago
cant help but laugh cant get it out

1 month ago
You're a smart guy, Linus. Why BMW?

1 month ago
That case is massive! Always great to watch your videos mate.

1 month ago
What moterboard is this? :)

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