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I Was Almost A School Shooter | Aaron Stark | TEDxBoulder
   TEDx Talks
  Published: 10 months ago


After growing up in painful, abusive conditions, Aaron Stark was on his way to an atrocity, until simple acts of kindness changed his life forever. What is causing the rise of violence and are our current fears and solutions just making it worse? My name is Aaron stark. I am 39 years old with 4 children, 2 cats, one dog, and a beautiful wife. I am a stay at home dad; my wife is the breadwinner of the family. I am a comic book fan, a pop culture junkie, and a lover of the sciences. I have more knowledge about superheros, pro wrestling, and comedy than anyone really has a right to. After growing up in very abusive and violent circumstances followed by over a decade if personal recovery, I am now a happy family man. I recently shred a very personal story of my triumph over my past, and it has changed my life forever. My mission is to let people know that no matter how dark it may seem, there is light coming. We really are not alone. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at Show more

Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
I just have one question. When you have nothing to do you can do anything, but why chose to do all that damage?

4 hours ago
Wow. Powerful.

6 hours ago
Very touching video

8 hours ago
Who clicked because his last name is Stark

10 hours ago
only in america

11 hours ago
That's Beautiful. AMEN

15 hours ago
"we have to give love to those people who we think deserve it the least", that's an important idea to absorb

21 hours ago
He talks fast some times haha.

21 hours ago
Strong message

22 hours ago
Why are there dislikes on this?

23 hours ago
Every person is perfect, everyone is the perfect image of what they have been taught.

24 hours ago
very fast talker damnn

1 day ago
1 like is 1 slap for his parents.

1 day ago
Standing ovation for this man! 👍🤘

1 day ago
Even a schoolshooting you didnt get done....

1 day ago
Somebody once told me

1 day ago
this is america

1 day ago
Thank you for sharing! Such a moving story...

2 days ago
God is so good. Bless that man who showed him that love.

2 days ago
This breaks my heart. The idea that a parent, a mother, could neglect her child to this extent is truly devastating. So much respect for the strength of this man despite his moral flaws and near wrongdoings.

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