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Get a Job. - Radeon VII Review
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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7nm is finally here with AMD’s new Radeon VII – But with a price tag to match. Can AMD claw back GPU market share now that Nvidia’s gotten complacent?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

25 minutes ago
AMD has enough fanboys that they can get away with the price, they will sell out as long as they don't make too many.

2 hours ago
Notice the double precision performence, it beats the most of tesla's card

6 hours ago
stop making that click noise when u point to the link plz

6 hours ago
Thanks war thunder for sponsoring linus, wont have to wait 10 minutes for a game

10 hours ago
We don't have to spend more, there's lots of cheap RX 570's and 580's to be had, which are even bringing down the prices of other video cards as well. That will do 95% of gamers just fine, and more good value cards are on the way for later this year. AMD has invested a lot into Navi, and it's very likely going to be very good, and when we will finally see a generational upgrade in value per dollar for graphics cards.

16 hours ago
in aus its 2k to buy an rtx 2080ti so hopefully this is a little cheeper down the line

21 hours ago
WTF linux, From HD 6000 till r200 AMD did great against nvidia... Since them is just downhill

22 hours ago
Where is my rbg

23 hours ago
Thank you!

23 hours ago
radeon have open source drivers and you can use it for various cases.

1 day ago
Jen-Hsun Huang and Lisa Su are said to be cousins which Lisa Su has dismissed that as not true :P

1 day ago
hi ,amd fanboy .did u guy see that? 9900k with 2080ti vs 2700x with 2080ti in this video? big different fps between 9900k and 2700x.even this video are compare Radeon VII and 2080.

1 day ago

2 days ago
I agree with the pricing critique. The good news is that this will probably lead to both GPUs being reduced in price by $25 - $50 soon. Nvidia would drop price to maintain market share, and AMD would drop price to compensate for the lower performance.

2 days ago
Fuck their RAM we want cheap gaming monster performance. Tell them to cut the memory crap and that they should produce a card with 2 gpu á 2000mhz like in the good old days

2 days ago
The problem with this is why would anyone pay for this when the 1080 ti is so much cheaper and even gives better performance.

2 days ago
Amd releases an 8gb or 12gb version for $200 or $100 less and then everyone buys it

2 days ago

2 days ago
before you start playing, WT is Russian biased so choose your country wisely.

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