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Get a Job. - Radeon VII Review
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


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7nm is finally here with AMD’s new Radeon VII – But with a price tag to match. Can AMD claw back GPU market share now that Nvidia’s gotten complacent?

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
3 fans, HBM, two 8 pin PCIe power connectors = overclocks like ass. #cuzamd #rebrandeon

2 hours ago
So it’s an overclocked Vega 64 with lots of fast ram and runs hotter than a GTX-480? Way too expensive.

3 hours ago
Cryengine has realtime raytracing that runs on most modern GPUs it doesn't require nVidia rtx

8 hours ago
It has bad aesthetics and thats being generous.

19 hours ago
I honestly don’t care about Nvidias features I like more vivid and better looking games so that’s why I go for r7

1 day ago
I have the Radeon 7. It is a MONSTER. I game in 4k - BDO, Apex, Destiny, Division, Oculus Etc. I also edit RED Dragon 6k and BMPCC4k footage in Davinci Resolve. I is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY better than the Titan XP I replaced it with and for the price I may pick up another. DX11 is the past.

2 days ago
In 2009 Radeon 5870 was the best single-core GPU available, since Geforce 400 series was postponed to 2010. And even then Geforce 480 was awful as it overheated greatly. So Radeon 5000 was actually the last competitive series from AMD/ATI in the top performance category. After Geforce 580 was released in November 2010, AMD has been in a downhill since. It didn't help that AMD messed up with the naming of Radeon 6800 series and fooled customers with its performance point (the new high-end series being the 6900s). Overall it has been a sad decade, since the lack of competition for flagship GPUs have driven prices into absurd levels. While Radeon VII is disappointing, there is still a chance with future 7nm cards.

2 days ago
I never bought INTEL in my life, for my own PC! There was only a small window where i considered upgrading to Intel platform!
DON'T YOU want to new video review for RADEON VII with new drivers?! As it seems there must have been some issues with early drivers! Also worth noting that power consumption is relatively smaller compare to RTX 2080.
Also in the light of reality that RTX 2080 are dying fast i would strongly incline to AMD again! Here is why:

2 days ago
These graphs are horrible

2 days ago
U shouldnt compare a vc with rt vs without rt, try to compare rtx2080ti vs navi20 both of them has ray tracing.

3 days ago
I have the Ps5 I Thief from Rockstar Studio and Leave 600 Dollars on the table.

3 days ago
Ps5 Gpu is Better, Now the Deboch face is Mine😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

3 days ago
AMD Wins for Gaming & Rendering 3D Animation + Design.

4 days ago
they should make 3 versions for this: 16GB / 11GB / 8GB. so the price can be on different ranges. thats how they compete. because not everyone needs 16GB and have to pay for something they won't use or not necessarily needed. if AMD does not do it, they're stupid.

4 days ago
*Nvidia left chat

4 days ago
I disagree with all the negativity linus said

5 days ago
AMD is literally just lowering the prices for everything
healthy economy i guess ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

5 days ago
RE2 remake consumes over 13GB video memory and even with my FX8350+650watt bronze psu and 1066 DDR3 ram I am playing it all maxed out aboved 60FPS at 4k.

6 days ago
Deadpool and Radeon!

1 week ago
Way too expensive for budget builds to pair with any ryzen build AND that is why people will go for gtx 1660 instead of any AMD gpu this year.

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