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Eagles vs. Bears Mic'd Up for a Devastating Conclusion! (NFC Wild Card)
   NFL Films
  Published: 7 days ago


The Philadelphia Eagles and Chicago Bears mic'd up during the NFC Wild Card.

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59 minutes ago
Hope that defense can score points for them bc Trubisky is junk. Bears will be junk next season. You heard it here first.

4 hours ago
I hate how golden Tate plays for eagles now

R.I.P. Lions

5 hours ago
Malcom Jenkins to Cody parkey: “I love you bro keep it up”😂😂😂😂😂

13 hours ago
Glad Shaheen thought he had to hurdle every defender like he’s Zeke! Thanks for the first downs!

17 hours ago
Kickers. Why are they still in the modern game of American football? #nomoregoalposts

22 hours ago
“Cody’s gonna miss that next one...Cody!”

1 day ago
Not as brutal as how Marcus Williams lost it for the Saints last year

1 day ago
Who won, Eagles or Saints ?  asking for a friend.

1 day ago
One of the better games of this season

2 days ago
Friggin place kicker missed 11 kicks this season. Bears need to replace him.

2 days ago
3:37 “jazz music intensifies”

2 days ago
Steve Bartman: The ENTIRE city hates me!!!!

Cody Parkey: Hold my beer.... I got your back!!

2 days ago
Funny how they kept showing the Bears assistant coach

2 days ago
"An alshon drops it"

2 days ago
Now let's get the uncensored cut...

Hail Hydra

2 days ago
😂😂 eagles loss against saints Chicago already knew eagles are weak against saints

2 days ago
It’s ok eagles are crying from Sunday’s game against the saints.

2 days ago
Cody will be back lol

2 days ago
0:18 if every single one is special.. than that means .. not one is special lol

2 days ago
Not gonna play any clips from when the Bears 1st made the final FG but got iced by the Eagles coach calling the time out!?

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