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iJustine’s Unbelievably NERDY Studio House – EXPOSED!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 month ago


What has a million Ethernet ports and even more Amiibos? iJustine's house!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

4 hours ago
Could you give me Xbox which u don't want pls pls pls

5 hours ago
This would be the best house if Gordon Ramsay looked at houses and was interested in tech..

10 hours ago
Damn she's materialistic as fuck. Wouldn't have doubted it for a second. She owns literally over a 6000 items in her home excess of millions. Jesus lmao.

13 hours ago
You know it's funny, IJustine represents pretty much everything I don't like in a consumer and yet somehow I find her specifically extremely amusing lol

15 hours ago
Your so annoying...your voice

15 hours ago
you. are. my. dream. future ex wife. haha

16 hours ago
9:09 Sonos next to bath = very bad

19 hours ago
Wow $1200 for the Apple Books😂. I know is her money and blah blah everyone does what they want, but she could have bought just one and save $900. With $900 I could have bought a really good gaming computer.😢😢

20 hours ago
Let Bill Gates hook up this house ... I'm just saying...

1 day ago
when bitches have too much money so they don't wanna be bitches anymore.

1 day ago
Id rob the shit out of her.

2 days ago
11 minutes and 59 seconds I can never get back! My god she has PROBLEMS!

2 days ago
She stores two rock band sets in her panic room 😂 that’s so Justine.

2 days ago
Market vary look per up relevant them manager scholar rush

2 days ago
Jenna is way prettier

2 days ago
“Do you want my answer?”

2 days ago
First your obeying there privacy and trashing their home

2 days ago
7:47 what she picks up from behind the TV table. huh?
and that laugh of linus...

2 days ago
She is one of the YouTuber who screenshot that crack on their phone screen! Facepalm

2 days ago
Linus doing some demolition on them sugar walls

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