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We got 10 GIGABIT Internet!!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 days ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

13 minutes ago
When Linus is in a good mood and isnt stressed he definitely makes funnier videos

48 minutes ago
HAHA.. Linus is talking about a 10Gbps connection like it was something special.. so cute.
I work at a Swedish ISP and we deliver those every single day and charging about 70 USD a month for it

54 minutes ago
Now can you show me how to download more RAM?

2 hours ago
10 gigabits is something like 1.25 gigabytes per second. That's insane!

2 hours ago
nice 66 block xD

3 hours ago
And it's used for shilling prolonged hardware advertisements..Well spent

3 hours ago
That LH sfp that you showed off as 10gb is only 1gb. LX/LH is a 1gb standard and you can tell just by looking because the extraction handle is a round wire. 10gb sfps have a flat sheet metal handle on them. The blue color of the handle means it's a 1310nm laser. The 10gb equivalent version of that is LR and it had a medium blue flat steel handle. Now back to youtube videos on screw drivers.

4 hours ago
1250MB/s... Holy crap?

4 hours ago
Oi, torrent's aren't all bad!
I've seen game launchers, like mmo's, using torrent systems to update the game!

5 hours ago
Trading on 1ms internet

5 hours ago
Underpants gnomes at :58

5 hours ago
Nice Smart Meters at 0:17 on the left hand side of the Video. We would NEVER allow such shoddy tech at our facilities, and our Insurance Company won't cover if we owned them either. No offense Linus, but you should know better.

5 hours ago
Which song plays at the first part of the video?

9 hours ago
how cold is there????? Ask Antony 9:47

9 hours ago
Damn, Linus finished Oolka Speedtest and all of it's DLC's

9 hours ago
hello viewers, can you please suggest me either to stick with a 900/40 mbps internet speed from spectrum or go with a fiber 25/25 mbps with spectrum as well. the average speed that i was able to get in the last 6 months is around 600/35. it's for a small business.

10 hours ago
4:35 linus you carry your laptop like a psychopath

11 hours ago
Hope you really do post a video of the 10gb test! that would be awesome to see

12 hours ago
I wouldn't recommend using pfsense as CPE... Think about WatchGuard for example, maybe you can have them as sponsors. It's enterprise level firewall/router with cool SSL support plus you could have cluster of two devices, very handy if you want to have HA.

13 hours ago
Also; Clickbait title much? 5.5 Gigabit internet? :)

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