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Holding a 60TB SSD
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 year ago


Who on EARTH thinks that a 60TB SSD is a good idea right now? Oh yeah, me :D

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 hours ago
personally I'm not that kind of guy that fills his PC with stuff they probably won't ever look at again, but if I had the money to burn I would still get it just for the sake of saying "I have a 60TB SSD"

12 hours ago
im 10 seconds in and pretty sure I just heard a pun...


1 day ago
Welp there goes 30 more prototypes

3 days ago
Looks like they have run out of sensible ideas for consumers .

3 days ago
8k videos and the 16k videos

4 days ago
Cant you add a small SSD that has all the arrays to the NAND storage and the dram has the arrays to the smaller SSD.

4 days ago
I want one

5 days ago
I thought he was going to say I went to look inside but then I dropped it and got kicked out

5 days ago
I think a 15TB (or even a 20TB) drive is more reasonable product release for consumers, and then a 30TB/40TB models for Enterprise.

6 days ago
Guys....just stop hoarding data. At least 70% of the stuff you keep on your severs just isn't needed anymore. No one needs tech news from 10 years ago, especially not in 8k. Why do humans have this excessive need to archive everything they run across. And even if we get to the very unlikely situation where you'd like to incorporate the 2 seconds of some random blooper from 9 years ago into a funny spot of a new video, the world wouldn't end if you couldn't do that. No one would care.The cost to benefit ratio of that kind of data graveyards just doesn't check out. (Also just compress the stuff. RAW is good for timeline performance but archived data just does not need to.)

7 days ago
Ho lee shizz... linus did an AMD ad lol

7 days ago
People mad that a device with a projected cost of $50,000 and can fit in your hand, with the simple fact of 5000 people handling it over a week would kill it, is a dummy unit is simply out of touch with reality.

7 days ago
50k a drive? that's a steal! who is gonna checkdisk that monster? Will that be a generationbridging task?

7 days ago
I want the capacity for archiving.

1 week ago
thanks i'll need some for my supercomputer

1 week ago
>Linus: drop the 60TB SSD >Booth Guy: Dont worry its a dummy unit

1 week ago
How do I buy Vega?

1 week ago
Why dont people just delete very old data to slow that down a little

1 week ago
That's a lot of bytes! You want fries with that!?

1 week ago
im just waiting for the day, we have petabyte drives and games come in Terrabyte sizes.

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