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We NEVER expected NVIDIA to allow this...
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 months ago


Thanks dbrand for making our CES 2019 content possible. Check out the Grip and Prism at

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 days ago
Am I the only one who noticed the game had perfect timing for the effects it showed? It literally matched what Linus was about the say in the beginning.

7 days ago
What game is that on the screens????

3 weeks ago
I forgett to say fuuck nvidia

4 weeks ago
Does this work for 900 series GPUs such as my gtx 970?

1 month ago
Ngl I think the clickbait titles don't play well into stuff like CES coverage

1 month ago
Does G-Sync on FreeSync require a DisplayPort cable like regular G-Sync?

2 months ago
Soooo... can we use g-sync on freesync?

2 months ago
Did you smoke a joint before recording this?

2 months ago
There is a ghost in your studio.. Don't think dbrand would help 👻

2 months ago
Now I have a Rtx 2060 card? Which monitor should I buy? Gsync or Freesync monitor? Wtf I don't get itt

2 months ago
The gsync certification is just a smoke screen from nvidia to avoid admitting that they are unable to implement adaptive sync properly.

2 months ago
I recently purchased (and indeed am still paying off) an expensive 144Hz gaming monitor that supports FreeSync, which I had bought full well knowing that there was a G-Sync version that would work better with my GTX 1060, but that version costs almost twice as much and is otherwise identical. This feature hasn't trickled back to the Linux driver but assuming it does I really hope it enables G-Sync for my monitor because I would love to take advantage of that feature, especially since my 1060 can comfortably play games above 60 FPS at 1440p, but often can't quite reach 144 FPS.

2 months ago
Anyone know if this will work with a dp to hdmi adapter? I only have hdmi on my monitor

2 months ago
I received a 27 inch viewsonic monitor for xmas. My old monitor was dying so it was a heartfelt thanks when I received it. Now, it's a cheap one. Not fancy sync etc but I see no value added with this adaptive stuff. I just limit max frame rate to that of the screen and I have no tearing or input lag or anything bad. So, not sure if there is really any value in any of this stuff for me that I can see. Interesting to hear about but nothing I will ever buy as a feature I see adding value.

2 months ago
So I got a monitor that works with the freesync (I think, horrible at names sorry) to use for my consoles since one xbox one s can use that and it was cheaper than a lower resolution TV at the same size for some reason. My question is when this driver update comes out, does that mean my PC with my GTX 1060 will be able to take advantage of the techonlogy built into both my gsync monitor for my desktop experience and my second one that has the other version? It does have a DP and HDMI so idk. Somewhat new to this tech.

2 months ago
When does this come out

2 months ago
So...that is good but i have another big question... we know that all G-Sync monitors are 3D Vision compatible (almost), but i personally didn't find anywhere if the G-Sync compatible monitors are also 3D Vision compatible (different tehcnology, different bla bla ). Can someone clear out that for me ? Someone tested that ? Thanks.

2 months ago
I hate when he sais you still need a geforce card. First thing, that adaptive sync "freesync" is made by amd, and works on amd cards, so why say that. Also, u will need a 10series minimum, which he didnt mention?

2 months ago
Expectation: Nvidia would never allow some super löng non-validated gpu
What i got: this

2 months ago
I do like this. It allows variable refresh to before accessible while still allowing for those who can afford it to get the most premium experience, however much better it is. That's interesting though because I did end up with an Rx 480 because I found a freesync monitor for way less than anything gsync.

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