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CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer (2019)
   Orion Pictures
  Published: 2 weeks ago


The wait is over, your best friend has arrived. From the producers of IT comes Child’s Play, in theaters June 21. #ChildsPlayMovie Show more

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12 minutes ago
After all the stuff that's happened people are still making these dolls??

2 hours ago

4 hours ago
Awe hell nah

4 hours ago
Micheal Myres has left the chat

4 hours ago
I don’t like this idea i want it to continue with cult of chucky

5 hours ago
Trailer 2

7 hours ago
Omg its the producers of it. I don’t think I wanna watch it anymore

8 hours ago
Chucky is fuckin iron man

8 hours ago
Yes!!! More chucky action!!!!

9 hours ago
“From the producers of it”
Uhh that’s not something to brag about they need to stop this they ruined it when they released the 4th one and everyone after that was ass

10 hours ago

10 hours ago

10 hours ago
Feel like it’ll be a let down but it looks like saw so that means good gore 👍🏾 hopefully better acting none that new Pokémon movie bullshit 😂

12 hours ago
The kid says “Chucky” but I thought the doll name is Buddi

12 hours ago
Who's here excited after reminiscing the first Child's Play our childhood? I even want to buy that doll just in case he's alive haha.

13 hours ago
If they can't pull this remake off the 2019 area has gone to shit

13 hours ago
Didnt he transfered himself into the little girl (Curse of Chucky movie) what happen to that story? Should of continued that..

14 hours ago
0:52, okay, this scene gonna scare me too much

14 hours ago
The cult of chucky was gay af. But the one before that explaims everything was ok

15 hours ago
This movie is trash. It is not chucky anymore, this is chuckynator. Where is the voodoo? Where is the mystic?. They deprived it from what made chucky famous back then. I will buy a bootleg copy when is out tough but i will not spend more than 25 cents.

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