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The $69 Gaming PC RETURNS
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 5 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

33 minutes ago
my school uses that pc

1 hour ago
linus is one flexi boi

16 hours ago
The true reality is if you don't know the way of the scute then you won't be able to win...

16 hours ago
4:41 Alliteration for everyone

2 days ago
3:40 is he just pztting his hand inside while the compuer is running?

2 days ago
limbo! lol

2 days ago
Now we question why we spend a 1000$ on gaming rigs. As of now LTT build guides are a big rip off

2 days ago
Wow, Linus is actually kinda impressive at limbo.

2 days ago
I get like 10 FPS in overwatch

2 days ago
Wtf this runs better than my laptop

3 days ago
you can go to my school and find 53 of those computers

4 days ago
iirc there's a low profile single slot gtx 1050 (ti?)
edit: found it

4 days ago
i like your videos because i can skip your sponsorship at the start of the video by skipping 10-15 seconds

5 days ago
I'm gonna be honest, this is one of the few Linus videos I don't mind letting continue when it gets autoplayed because Riely is just so chill. #FreeRiely

5 days ago
Ha I'm going to fire up my old e8400 OCed to 3.6 :-)...

5 days ago
69 REALLY ? ? ? smells fishy

5 days ago
GeForce now. EZ FIX

6 days ago
69 lets go peeps

6 days ago
I pay 10$/PC for desktops at my local recycling center. And ya sometimes I get new ones with ddr4 ram.

6 days ago
Wat? Minecraft on gaming pc?!

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