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The $69 Gaming PC RETURNS
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 1 month ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 hours ago
hmmm.. what about overclocking this pc??

6 hours ago
But can it run doom?

8 hours ago
69 memes right there

2 days ago
linus - "30 fps, is usable.


3 days ago
Or get an ryzen APU?

3 days ago
This is more than five times better than notebook that i used for gaming two years ago

4 days ago
has linus got diabetes what is that thing on his pants look at his pants at 3:24

4 days ago
Man our school has that comuputers but
now it's using for teachers now in it we have some new pc's with pentiums

4 days ago
My pc is worse than this shit.

5 days ago
Try a 1030 in that pc

5 days ago
play igi

5 days ago
I had this exact PC setup as my first gaming computer, got it for 50 bucks because the HDD went out, threw a graphics card in it and to make it fun I had to cut the case , played just cause 2 and Garrys mod all day every card stuck out like an inch on the top. Still running to this day, passed it on to my little sister for a minecraft machine. Core 2 duos are still reliable workhorses I must say.

5 days ago
Can afford an i9 but can't stabilize the camera.

6 days ago
Lol can play on pc without a gc 40fps lol :(

6 days ago
Yea man Riley is cool. Keep him around

6 days ago
I have an Optiplex 380 MT, and it runs pretty much anything I want. Core 2 Quad Q9650 @ 3.00GHz, 8GB of DDR3 1333MHz dual channel RAM, and a Zotac GTX 1050 Mini. It’s fairly beastly for the age of the components. (Aside from the GPU)

6 days ago
14:50 what did the internet do to me , i expected the girl to go "mmm Umm!" there

my uncle had one of those DELL PC , and without the graphics card you could still play game from 2006 and back.
Tomb rider games
GTA san andreas
carmaggedon games
need for speed up to most wanted
those old mmorpg like mu online , ragnarok ,luna , lineage 2 with the graphics on low.

6 days ago
Funny you made this, I just bought a PSP 3000 with 32+8 Gb memory sticks plus full game in it for $70, a lot of dirt cheap easy gaming choices these days~

7 days ago
I need a Sata to pci e slot

1 week ago
SLIMDRIVERS! works better than cc cleaner for cleaning pcs! there is a small form factor graphics card that is awesome for these dells.
Dell AMD Radeon HD 8570 1GB DDR3 128-Bit PCIe x16 Low Profile Video Card you can ebay it for $17 to $27

more riley, for the used budget gamer pcs for kids with very limited to no funds (aka xmas presents)

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