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   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 4 months ago


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This ergonomic keyboard is also a mouse! Each separate mouse module of the Keymouse Alpha contains an optical mouse so you never have to take your fingers off the home row!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 days ago
uggg i was hoping this would be like 50 bucks but 500 bucks no bleepin way

4 days ago
Those trackball ones are legit tempting af. Way too expensive though. I'll wait until I actually have a medical problem i guess lol.

2 weeks ago
Lol, i was like wtf did i click on 😂

2 weeks ago
Negative backplate #nextbigthing

Well, you're still using your hand and arm as before, twisting the bones - so a vertical mouse would still be better.

3 weeks ago
Your so symphatic :D

3 weeks ago
That intro was real great.

4 weeks ago
new fortnite meta

4 weeks ago
Now that's a horrible shite

4 weeks ago
You people are obviously not used to the KeyMouse. Stop gripping the front of the mouse with your fingers. Lol.

1 month ago
3:47 ...who actually uses capslock?

1 month ago
My first thought was about those times in school when you'd plug your mouse into someone else's computer and fight against their mouse movement...

1 month ago
Star Trek one is pretty cool

1 month ago
Did you just say "heckin'"?

1 month ago
Uhh, the IBM TrackPoint Keyboard has existed for a very, very long time. And works pretty well for gaming.

1 month ago


2 months ago
The first minute of this is amazing.

2 months ago
I'm here to tell you about Fuck.

2 months ago
Who uses caps lock?? I've mapped it to Alt+Left Arrow to use as a "back" key, because I can't remember ever using caps lock in my life.

3 months ago
"Your colleagues may raise an eyebrow, but only because they covet the splendor that you alone revel in." Is the best written line I've heard on this channel, and I am 100% stealing it.

3 months ago
09:00 Is it 3D Printed#?

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