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Live Building a TINY Gaming PC
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Featuring the Dr. Zaber Sentry 2.0:
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Comments Directly on YouTube

2 hours ago
im not watching this you guys suck at lip sync

6 hours ago
"That's the only reason most stupid stuff exists, cuz it's cool"
Talking to you apple.... dont pretend you didnt hear it.

14 hours ago
Actually, it will release at the date of 2.4.2019. you're welcome again.

19 hours ago
All it needs now is a gaming keypad and a trackball Mouse combo and it will become the perfect console PC replacement.

1 day ago
This was cool. I really like that case.

2 days ago
YES, more small case builds!

2 days ago
Linus, please can you do a dan a4 rtx 2070 build?

2 days ago
The audio sync doesnt seem to be their fault guys... I opened the vod in Safari of all things (yes I know) and its fine.... seems to be yet another youtube aids

2 days ago
how is expenses in buying pc

3 days ago
Liunus put on toooo less thermal paste.

3 days ago
I legitimately use one of those ice pack that come with a blood collection kit at work. I freeze it and put my laptop on it, and it maintains turbo for a long time.

3 days ago
The Audio Out Of Sync, I've To Open This Video Double Tab, One For Audio, One For Video... And Mute The Only Video, And Sync It

3 days ago
Are you lip syncing?

3 days ago
The real Linus could buy a tiny gaming pc in under 5 minutes.

3 days ago
Is i7 8700k, Z370 gaming 5 MOBO, 16gig ram ddr4, gtx1050ti, 500gb, 750psu bronze, plus CASE worth
1000 CAD?

3 days ago
I still have my unopened first black sentry,plan on making it as my gaming pc, but had other plans, Planning on selling it soon on eBay. I don't need it anymore.

3 days ago
Shame on linus, taking over an hour to make a gaming pc.

3 days ago
Tuna game for once

3 days ago
I dont get it, did he boot over the Network?
I didnt see any Storage unit in there?
Is it a Vm?

3 days ago
That noctua cooler can't hang. Also, titan in an SFX? Send that thing up here to New England so I can use during the winter months to heat my entire house.

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