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Game Theory: How Loot Boxes HACK YOUR BRAIN!
   The Game Theorists
  Published: 1 week ago


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If you’re watching videos on this channel, then you’re aware of LOOT BOXES, those wonderful new micro-transactions that have begun to define the AAA gaming experience. Unsurprisingly, people have some strong opinions about Loot Boxes, so I’m actually not going to weigh in on one side or the other. Instead, let’s talk about how loot boxes actually work. Get ready for some psychology, Loyal Theorists, cuz in this episode, I’ll present the scientific facts that explain how loot boxes psychologically affect and train our brains!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 week ago
So... did you text Nicholas back?

3 hours ago
Nice avenue stretch in the beginning.

4 hours ago
10:10 that's 101% tho...

5 hours ago
4:00 hahah Minecraft

6 hours ago
It isn’t gambling due to a technicality created and deliberately implemented by the loot box really it might as well be, it’s close enough and as manipulative.

7 hours ago
This video inspired an essay fro english 102... where'd ya get your sources?

8 hours ago
I zam addicteds to the Just Dance 2018 ball machine.

8 hours ago
barely execute whisper wish dish legitimate medicine call recognize annual population achieve earnings.

8 hours ago
Where is fnaf

8 hours ago
You mentioned Fire Emblem Heroes. I'm so addicted to it.

8 hours ago
MatPat please do a theory on Fortnite in someway please

9 hours ago
I would actually buy this

12 hours ago
Omg I’m Done with Americans calling crisps chips. Srsly guys it’s annoying

14 hours ago
Its true, pewds is 100% Sans

17 hours ago
i like loot boxes its just u cant get the cools stuff

17 hours ago

20 hours ago
only 6.66 what a deal! i sold my soul for a theory crate a week...easy trade.

21 hours ago
Sentence bind motive swallow class growth complicated engineering itself sexually regulation.

23 hours ago
Ok but seriously freaking Fire Emblem Heroes WHY DO GREEN ORBS NOT EXIST?

23 hours ago
You get people who spend money on these crates and/or packages.

Then you get me who never buys anything online thus never worries about this crap


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