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Finding Peace In Pain - Nouman Ali Khan *LIFE CHANGING LECTURE*
   Digital Ummah
  Published: 7 months ago


Finding peace in pain lecture by Nouman Ali Khan. Show more

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6 hours ago
I was sooo sad today, this has helped me so much!!!! 🙏🏽 Alhamdulillah

1 day ago
allah hu aqbar

1 day ago
this is so true

4 days ago
May alla bless nouman Ali khan. I hope rumours of him being a womaniser is untrue.

5 days ago
the Anglican view on Allah or god is that he still helps his in our short comings and that his answer isn't always the best for our situation.

5 days ago
The music ruined the whole message

5 days ago
Make a sincere prostration, and allah will say " here you go ".... Thank u... ❤

5 days ago
Good Video

7 days ago
This is the best speech!

1 week ago
Thank you! It helped me alot..

1 week ago
Brothers and sisters I beg you all to pray for my mother, she was diagnosed with c... i'm even scared to name it. you all have mothers and you know how hard it is! Please pray for her cure / shifaa as she is your own mother. May Allah give long life to your own parents! Please!

1 week ago
Nouman was exposed on many counts as being false, please cut out some of
this "lovey dovey" nonsense toward him because it is too corny and
laughable....Look into Nouman Ali Khan exposed videos and remember that
you guys are part of a Satanic psyop program planned by Illuminati among
others but I offer a way out. (I'm claiming my spot by laying my flag
down with the description of the flag down below) Democratic Cultural
Socialist Roman empire is the most well developed ideology in the world,
contact me on YouTube or Facebook under the name Rick Bos a.k.a Ibrica
Begic for further information, I am the supreme leader of this movement.
The flag of my movement looks similar to Roman empire flag with the
letters D.C.S on top of eagle and wreath. The first stripe is white
colored to symbolize light and purity on top of flag, the middle stripe
is red colored symbolizing the blood of the people, and the bottom
stripe is black to symbolize the earth which we cherish. We also use the
regular American flag to represent us and our ideology called
Democratic Cultural Socialism (similar to Democratic Socialism such as
Bernie Sanders) can be adapted to any nation besides a few to fit in
with their version of it if approved. This message is brought to you by
Ibrica a.k.a Slick Rick.

1 week ago
Absolutely beautiful . May Allah bless the makers of this video. Ameen .

1 week ago
Dear Brother Nouman, Alsslamualaikum!
I want to listen to your talks. I want to learn from you, but I find that it’s sometimes almost impossible to understand you. Please take my message as a suggestion, not a criticism. Far be it for me to criticize so learned a Muslim brother.
For years, I taught Public Speaking at a University and so it’s with this background that I recommend you take a few lessons in how to reach your audience.
Remember three things inherent in a good delivery ...subject, audience, purpose.
You know your subject, without a doubt.
If your audience includes internet viewers then you have to account for your delivery to make it clear and comprehensible otherwise your purpose will not be achieved. If your audience includes children, seniors, hearing impaired then you have a duty to them as well to give clear delivery.
You run your words into each other like a train out of control. Please consider these ....pronunciation, enunciation, tone, stress, juncture, pauses, rhythm. I’m not going into the notion of body language here.
Take your time. Give each word, each syllable it’s value. These will make your speech clearer and a joy to listen to. Better to say a few sentences that are well delivered than many which are incomprehensible.
Ma’a Salaama

2 weeks ago
Absolutely true thank you sir for this and big thanks to who upload this video😔😞🙏🏻

2 weeks ago
Some Lithuanian subtitles were added, can the author of the video approve them, please?

2 weeks ago
Ma shaa Allah. Thank you for posting this vid, it gave me a deep realization. 😟

2 weeks ago
Jazakallahu khairan kathiira..

2 weeks ago
Feel good Al hamdullillah

2 weeks ago
I don’t know if Im the right person to say all this, just a little thought I would like to put in.
These are inspiring stories and very much inspiring that our heart breaks look very less in it.
But kindly add more practical approach for everything how to actually get over a heartache. What are practical approaches, what people can actually do to get over them. Inspiring stories sometimes just don’t help. Im sorry I don’t mean to hurt anyone here. Just a suggestion.

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