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Finding Peace In Pain - Nouman Ali Khan *LIFE CHANGING LECTURE*
   Digital Ummah
  Published: 9 months ago


Finding peace in pain lecture by Nouman Ali Khan. Show more

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1 week ago
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1 day ago
I love that: the next feeding was from the same mother because he wouldn't drink from anyone else musa aleyhi salam. Is one of my fav prophets masha Allah

3 days ago

4 days ago
MashaAllah..... JazakaAllah khair

5 days ago
Just what I needed to hear jazak Allah khair brother Nouman 👍🏻

6 days ago
استغفر الله العلي العظيم
يا رب ارزقنا زكاة الروح و نقاءها
اللهم اغفر لنا وارحمنا واعفو عنا

1 week ago
This Made me realy cry😢so true And i swear i got parelized on my whole right sight And alhamdoulilah allah gave me everything back i could not walk or talk or do anything by my own but he blessed me again never loose faith!

2 weeks ago
What a beautiful message ♡

2 weeks ago
I love u shekh

2 weeks ago
your words gave me some peace of mind. Jazakallah khair ustad Noumaan Ali khan.

2 weeks ago
Nida ap noshra wali ho Kya???

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Such a soulful me lot of hope ....

2 weeks ago
Jazak Allah Khair Akhi.

3 weeks ago
Amazing lecture i hv evr heard

3 weeks ago
alhamdulillah. truly this video helped me a lot. these days i felt really stressed. i never felt doing anything . i felt lost , everyplace i was was like hell. alhamdulillah ALLAH ( S.W) did bring the light that was lost. jazaka llah for sharing

3 weeks ago
why don't you wear a religious cap nouman? is this not the best sunnah?

3 weeks ago
Actually, there are three options: 1) complain to Allah about taking the good times away, 2) develop a greater closeness to Allah, or 3) realise that everything is transient and there will always be suffering eventually. Why posit the existence of a mythical being who egocentrically demands your worship? Instead, simply understand and accept the nature of life with courage rather than seeking a psychological crutch....

3 weeks ago
This made me calm SUBHAN'ALLAH
May Allah reward him immensely.

4 weeks ago
Allah pls help me.

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