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Are You Happy With This Life?
  Published: 2 years ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

3 months ago
Nd yeh 15 dislikes ain't worthy of mention too

6 months ago
This life is short, house car are everything for this Danya, u wil leave Every thing for someone else, give all your money for orphan, construction of well n masjid, luv one another, n luv ur parents, encourage your husband to give money to their parents

6 months ago

7 months ago
No im not happy in this life. But alhamdulilah

8 months ago
Sounds like jihad🙂 lol

8 months ago
think you doing is video for Muslims all a every body geart you

9 months ago
yes .i am happy .

10 months ago
No I am not happy with this life

11 months ago
Salam Alakyam all! I'm not usually one to post something like this but I
just started my own channel and I would reallyyyyyy appreciate it if
you could check it out!
I really hope to inspire other Muslim youth and create a positive place. IF you have a spare moment it would mean the world to me if you could support a fellow sister :)

Have a BLESSED day!

1 year ago
no l am not happy with this life

1 year ago
i have a question . I have teddy bears that have eyes a pencil case with eyes bags with eyes and a pen with eyes. is that anything bad?

1 year ago
I love this reminder .thank you for this video. I will put everything and avoid the things that distract me

2 years ago
your videos are inspiring and motivating for good change man like honestly amazing job brother. very proud

2 years ago
We will fight. 😕

2 years ago
is it possible to read all of secondchapter of koran in the morning prayer. i mett this idiot muslim who said he was a scholar and he was only 14

2 years ago
Mashallah May Allah guide us to the right path

2 years ago
I love sheikh chowdhury

2 years ago
Brothers and sisters can you please have a look at my channel. Jazakallah

2 years ago
oh Allah make us among those that are successful in the hearafter

2 years ago
Which aya in the quran is in this video?

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