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An Interview With a Person From Hell Fire
  Published: 4 weeks ago


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❱ Speaker: Muhammad Alshareef
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An Interview With a Person From Hell Fire
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2 hours ago
May the Most High punish The Imposters / Conartist in Jerusalem.

15 hours ago
As someone who's quite young (14), it's almost impossible for me to do hajj by myself. I can't earn myself money yet and then go travel to a whole different country easy peasy. No that's not how it works sadly. So the hajj is out of my reach and that's unfair, considering my parents have gone to hajj without me when I was a small child. :( so I can do everything else but the hajj. I would do hajj if I could but it seems I cannot. Will I be in hellfire because of this? Will I be punished because of this? :(

2 days ago
So this person was in hellfire and you all believed this, when your own religion says that everyone will rise and be judged at the last day? So basically, you will be judged by being thrown in hell and then risen from there to be judged again? Lmao! Nice logic!

4 days ago
May we all be safe from the hell fire, amin amin.

4 days ago
Absolute nutjobbery

4 days ago
salam! I'm hafiza e Qur'an and I can teach Qur'an online to kids and being a girl I can also teach females.
if anyone is interested please e-mail me on [email protected]

5 days ago
@LoveAllah328 I love the lecture from your Channel. I like the background sound/humming during lecture but maybe turn it off the when there is a recitation of Qur'an, it's just a sugestion.

6 days ago
Oh ALLAH i seek refuge in you from the punishment of hellfire

1 week ago
I am awaiting a response to my claim of the rashness and crudeness portrayal of Islam and more so God

1 week ago
So are you saying that all the people who don't pray Salah are going to hell fire? The Muslims who do all good but pray are going to hell, bill gates and those that give loads to charity and help so many more people than those that pray, the people in the amazon forest that never heard of religion regardless of salah. This is why god created his beloved human beings? To put most of us in hell fire? Because the majority of people don't pray salah, and it is ignorant to conclude god will send most of his creatures to hell. Especially when our first belief is AllahoAkbar, god is great!

1 week ago

1 week ago

2 weeks ago
who is this speaker? Alhamdulillah he is good

2 weeks ago
Where is 6:34 from

2 weeks ago
Astag firrullah

2 weeks ago
Imagine sleeping without praying Isha, and then waking up in your grave.

-Dr. Bilal P.

2 weeks ago
Whatever this guy says anything about ALLAH is NOT true but seriously FABRICATED.

But there ARE people who have died, then came back to life to give testimony of a hell & of a God with holes in His hands & feet.

They are N.D.E.'s ...
Near Death Experiences ...

Nobody who had died has ever seen ALLAH .... N O B O D Y !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALLAH never ever appeared to nobody in the Qur'an.|


Only Satan would love if all of you never referred to Jesus, from the bible, b/c the more you learn about Jesus there would be a possibility you'd be saved.
Satan helped Muhammad & Islam re-create another Jesus .... a false Muslim Jesus ... a NEW JESUS that spoke as a baby & called out to a pagan god, ALLAH!

ALLAH does NOT fit the qualities of a God with an image & a likeness as shown in Genesis 1:26-27.

2 weeks ago
Have you read the Bible to know how God saves us from hell? I read Quran. But to go to Jannah taking all our efforts in Islam. But God the Creator is Love. He will never let us go to hell if we believe in His Words. Read the Bible, you will get to Jannah more easy than you think, by God's only Grace. Jesus said "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." in John 14:6. Look for lots of Muslim testimony who found Jesus in their life and then follow Him in Youtube. Come, get Jesus' love before it's too late. Jesus still faithfully waiting for all of you to touch your heart and carry you on His hands. True, no human can save other from hell, only God can. And that was why Jesus condemned by the Jews rabbi , because He said He is God, blasphemy.

2 weeks ago
Where is the interview?

2 weeks ago
How can someone be in hell if the day of judgment hasn't come yet?

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