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UPGRADING the iMac Pro!?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 3 months ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

22 hours ago
How to upgrade a Mac:

Step 1: Throw the mac in the trash
Step 2: Buy a PC
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit

1 day ago
That sound fx at 1:35. Heard it before on max payne 1.

1 day ago
I'd like to pay a ridiculous amount of money for that.
Combs mustache

2 days ago
Thanks David

3 days ago
I loved the video, and you always entertain me with your way of doing things. However, you made reinstalling the screen look way more complicated than it needed to be.

1. Install the bottom strips of adhesive onto the screen instead of the case.
2. Peel off just the strips on the bottom adhesive and line up the bottom of the screen with the case.
3. Install the screen and hook up the cables by tilting the screen forward without the fear of it falling off (due to the adhesive on the bottom)
4. Peel off the other strips from the adhesive on the case and line up the screen before committing to sealing the iMac Pro back up.

3 days ago
amazing vid

3 days ago
Thanks David.

4 days ago
Thank you David!!

4 days ago

5 days ago
Thanks David

6 days ago

6 days ago
Apple: Surprise Pikachu

7 days ago
It's now officially a PC....

1 week ago
Your videos are addiction to me.

1 week ago
What a fucking convoluted proprietary disaster machine. I can't wait for this dogshit hipster trash company to fucking die like it's founder after dumbfucks stop buying their overpriced bitch phones.

1 week ago
Thanks, DAVID

1 week ago
Oh ha ha ha,the heat sink pulled my CPU out with my desktop, and it was a amd cpu, ya know, with actual pins?

2 weeks ago
and 9.42 magic shirt change:)

2 weeks ago
Apple is going to have not just soldered on parts, but everything with be inbuilt to the logic board on their computers and desktops

2 weeks ago
So people purchase imac pro's cause they have too much money and not enough brains? true. Any computer all enclosed with the screen like that is not only stupid looking but serves no purpose at all, including all the abominations running windows. Believe me, I've owned alot of computers for productivity and leisure, so I know what I can expect, so one can put up with a laptop cause sometimes you need portability over a desktop, but this space saving scheme, or whatever the advertising is brainwashing supposed to be, its bogus, and look at all the problems. I guess one has to be ultra left wing loon liberal I suppose cause those are the only ones I see all wide eyed about apple products when they burn out, cost too much or can't be bought locally except out of town by driving for hours away, or to the next big major city,.....where all the other brainwashed ignorant left wing loons live, telling each other they need this sort of computer, ....garbage. I have a feeling that something is great when someone else has to pay for these, .....never have to buy the gear, problem.

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