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UPGRADING the iMac Pro!?
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 7 days ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

1 hour ago
Meanwhile, I could toss in some new tasty RAM into my Laptop in under 10 Minutes, without the possibility of damaging the CPU; Screen and anything else. Oh and it's not likely that I will die in the process. Not so true for the apple one. Screw you Apple. Why the fuck don't you isolate your god dam power unit, that will remain charge?!
Trying to kill your users?

1 hour ago
This video completely would be possible without I fix it you just have to pay

2 hours ago
Shirt Change?

3 hours ago
Apple is the North Korea of computers

4 hours ago
9:07 **AMD SKILS**

5 hours ago
i can understand why to have a slimmer phone or laptop...
But Apple...

Why a slimmer mac!!! its better if the imac was Thiccer ffs
nobody will cares if its 10 cm thiccer! it still looks good!

5 hours ago
Just build a Hackintosh PC.

6 hours ago
Didn't snazzylabs do this

6 hours ago
Please answer my comment below even if you do not accept it

7 hours ago
Hello im very poor can you donate me money on my paypal pls anyone pls do

7 hours ago
Well thank you DAVID!

8 hours ago
I have an old imacand to open it, you need a suction cup and a torx bit screwdriver. Thge glass has a thin layer of steel on the edges and magents hold it on. Here it's an adheasive like on cellphones.

8 hours ago
I remember a time I respected Apple's hardware... The Apple II was an amazing line of computers. So many expansion slots, easy to access... The IIgs was truly amazing, with all they managed to pack into a next generation II series... Shame they derped it up with the closed off Macs, and when it looked like the high end Quadras and the Power Macs and Mac Pro woudl become more open, get more slots, and all around go back to the old ways of the Apple II... Trashcan. Now this. GlueBooks. ffs Apple...

13 hours ago
Why did you not change the GPU TIM?

14 hours ago
You look's like running 100km without break XD

15 hours ago
Take it apart and didn't add RGB. Shameful.

16 hours ago
I have a macbook pro from 2011 and it's still running fine lol
I use it for casual games like minecraft and I talk using discord and I even have another monitor and a fancy RGB mouse and keyboard
overall I kinda like macs for everyday use more than windows pcs

16 hours ago

17 hours ago
David thank you i have sound issues lmfao :D

18 hours ago
What website do you use to benchmark your pc

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