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World's Fastest Internet - 1.6 TERABITS per Second
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 2 weeks ago


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Comments Directly on YouTube

44 minutes ago
يحرق كسم مصر خخخخخخخخخخخ

1 hour ago
I have 90/40 for 7$ lul

2 hours ago
LTT: 1.6 terabits per second
Me in the Philippines: 0.3 mb per second

4 hours ago
Holy shiiiiit linus

4 hours ago
Sweden is the best 😂😂😂👍👍👍

4 hours ago
Cool. Welcome to Jönköping! :) Have you brought any cool stuff for display?

5 hours ago
And im here playing fortnite with fuckin 500 ping

8 hours ago
Mean while there is someone who comes here to play an offline game.

11 hours ago
I sure wish I had that because My sister is always hogging it because she has like 4 devices on at the same time

12 hours ago
How much ????

12 hours ago
0 ping here i come

15 hours ago
image useing that internet to ddos your friend

16 hours ago
400 V 400 AMPS !

17 hours ago
CERN has nothing on this

19 hours ago
I do not want to think about it witg 25kbs..

19 hours ago
And here I am with my pathetic 20 Mbps internet (which drops to LESS THAN 1 Mbps when the monthly threshold is used).

20 hours ago
I want this type of internet connection one day

1 day ago
Me : (300 ping) oh my internet is so strong

This guy : (2 ping) GUY'S I AM LAGGING AS FUCK !!!

1 day ago
My ping ranges from 150-600 ping and that's just my hotspot. My real internet is 1000+.

1 day ago
I’m from Newfoundland, hurt me how you pronounced it;;

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