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The CPU Intel SHOULD have made!
   Linus Tech Tips
  Published: 6 months ago


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The Core i7 8086K is boring... But we couldn’t pass up celebrating the 8086's anniversary in style. Time for a little DIY action to turn it into a work of art!

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Comments Directly on YouTube

6 months ago
If only you would do it straight... it kinda hurts my "premium" thing. To be fair, never delidded anything, so I have no idea how hard it is to align IHS correctly, but it looks like something what you would buy on aliexpress. Especially on b-rolls ;p

8 hours ago
Employee: wheres linus
Other employee: he went to go drink some couphy
Employee: WHAT!!!
Linus: (falls in through the roof) guess who turned the frigde into a helicopter

15 hours ago
i know gold plate is cool and stuff. but silver is more functional. its more conductive to heat.

17 hours ago
*Mechanical keyboard test*

2 days ago
Is it just me that took time to read the title

3 days ago
It’s 12:25am and now I want coffee....
thanks Linus....

5 days ago
Another thing nobody needs

5 days ago
Anthony is great!

6 days ago
diet....pepsi.... DIET PEPSI?!!! REALLY?! unsubbed, unfollowed, unwatched....

1 week ago
[email protected]! The custom cpu you will never ever see again once you place your water block!!!

1 week ago
The only dislikes were from Intel employees

1 week ago
In 2021
Friend: What computer are you buying?
Me: A linus computer.

2 weeks ago
And after all that work you just put an cooler on top of it and never see it again lol

2 weeks ago
Coffee Mocha in russian sounds like "Coffee Pee" :D

2 weeks ago
5:24 that smile dude

2 weeks ago
Oh very sweet. I would have loved that. I won the regular 8086k so its great - but oh my.....yours is soooo sweet. Anniversary worthy.

2 weeks ago
i thought it was a condom

2 weeks ago
Intel should have done exactly what Linus did plus make the CPU with either a blue sub straight for Intel or a brown one for that retro CPU look. They should have also made that CPU the most baller consumer chip they could've made.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
I have not seen brush plating done for over forty years when I left the electro deposition industry, we used to do remedial chrome or nickel for machinery. You could have a renumerative sideline going there :-)

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